Vibrational Healing Through Sound

Reawaken the most sacred instrument of sound – yourself!

by Dan Watson, Ph.D.

We are in an age of accelerated spiritual growth which calls for accelerated healing measures that bring the human energy field in alignment with our physical body. Utilizing the voice to produce sound vibration is one such healing modality. As higher dimensional frequencies of light are becoming more available to the human consciousness on planet Earth, we humans require more advanced healing technologies to more effectively adapt and function within the Earth’s accelerating energy grid system.

One way that we can greatly be of assistance to this process is to do the clearing work on ourselves so that we may act as dynamic and clear acupuncture points moving along the chi meridians of the Earth. In essence we are living, breathing, walking, and talking conduits of energy and the higher spiritual beings have been and continue to send information to assist us in reawakening the knowledge of our greater purpose to serve as sacred human energy sites or vortexes for the planet.

Make Intuitive Sound
My first reawakening occurred during a massage training course when I was instructed to intuitively tone into another student’s body, letting my whole body guide me and not just my mind’s idea of what sound I should make. Although there are many effective systems of sound healing, both ancient and modern, the key component is the way in which the healer is able to intuitively utilize a particular system to address the uniqueness of each individual. For example, someone working on clearing issues related to emotional pain in the area of the heart chakra may need lower or higher frequencies of sound vibration to accommodate to the healing process within the layers of trauma or pain around the heart and the memories stored within these layers.

Explore Tonal Vibrations
My next of many re-memories of using vocal sounds came a few days after first meeting Rio when she introduced me to a free-form style of toning centered around high pitched tones used to open channels of energy and clear dense thought forms very quickly. Having had this experience I began to appreciate the vast range of healing frequencies that the human voice was capable of producing. At this point, a few months later, my higher self was ready for me to learn a more formalized system of tones working with the seven major chakras or energy centers of the human body. Using a system developed by Jim Berenholtz from his shamanic work worldwide, Rio and I began experiencing a tremendous expansion in our personal growth, especially on spiritual and emotional levels. Throughout the years, our knowledge of using harmonics and overtones as healing tools greatly increased after experiencing the work of Jonathan Goldman, a musician/sound healer/researcher, and we recommend that people begin exploring whatever system or systems of sound healing they feel attracted to and to begin using their bodies as a sacred instrument of sound.

Vocal Healing Powers Rediscovered

We are only recently beginning to acknowledge the healing powers of vocal toning as one of the most powerful forms of natural and holistic healing on this planet. The masters of the Ancient Mystery Schools realized the true power of sound to bring healing and transformation within the subtle energy anatomy of the human body.

Developed and practiced by master healers in the Ancient Mystery Schools of Egypt, Rome, Greece, Tibet, India and other centers of esoteric learning, sound was a highly advanced science based upon an understanding of vibration as the primary causative form of the universe. Through toning, or using the voice as an instrument for healing, these healers would use vowel sounds, harmonics, and overtones to vibrate, awaken, activate, release, balance, express, clear, redirect and allow the energy channels to vitalize the physical, etheric, emotional, and mental bodies for advanced spiritual functioning within the physical form.

In over twenty years of working with toning as a vehicle for healing, by itself and integrated with spiritual energetic healing and massage, I have found toning to be the most powerfully direct and focused healing technique we have experienced. In relationship to the various modalities of healing that we use, we can best describe vocal sound technology as analogous to laser light, wherein less than a minute of a gentle tone can open and release energetic blocks that have been held in the body for years and even lifetimes.

We Are Harmony
As we more fully acknowledge our oneness with the Universal Life Force that animates us all, we can begin to appreciate and benefit from various gems within each system of healing, some more than others and each new experience broadening our perception of the larger picture of the natural order of harmonic frequencies that exist between and inside us.

And as we begin rediscovering the natural order of harmony and the sacred spiritual connection between ourselves and All That Is. People across the world are making steps towards healing the planet and through learning how to honor and use sound as a sacred form of healing and communication we can build an energetic matrix capable of tapping us in fully to the Universal Life Force Internet or World Wide Energy Web.