The Unified Field of Love

~By Beloved Heartsong

Published in Mountain Spirit Chronicles, Mt. Shasta, CA
Summer/Fall Issue 2009

In the Unified Field of Love of All That Is, we bask. We bathe. We ARE.

It is in this Cosmic Grace that we are held, loved, and nurtured on the deepest levels, always. Through the opening and unfolding of this consciousness, we have our mystical, profound, heart opening and life changing experiences and revelations. It is here we breathe our eternal breath and feel the deepest, most satisfying and encompassing Divine Love. There are many names for this field; such as God, Spirit, the Universal Life Force, Source, etc. It is this field of love that holds Heaven, the Angels, the Ascended Masters, and many other cosmic beings. It is also the Source of all inspiration, genius and the highest light- the unspeakable majesty of All That Is. It is where we have come from, where we are going; our true resting place and… the Unified Field of Love is where we are now.

Is it true that we are already there? HOME? SAFE? LOVED? WHOLE?

Yes it is. It is true. It is TRUTH.

OK, I can hear some of you saying, “How can that be? My life doesn’t feel like that.” Or…”Well, maybe for some, but it seems that most people are struggling right now.” Or…“I only feel that way when I meditate.”

In response, I offer that all of the spectrum of life experience can play out in and around us, and at the same time, we can choose to perceive and participate in the deeper, more profound truth that always IS. Our perception in any moment is what aligns us with peace or drama, comfort or pain, authorship of our lives or blame and victimhood. The discomfort may seem real, yet it is the product of something we are doing or experiencing. It is not the truth of who we are. We do not have to re-act to outer circumstances as if they were the full truth of all that is.

What we experience in our lives is an out-picturing of our inner and often subconscious beliefs and agreements shaped through past beliefs and experiences in our lives. We build our world from the inside out and if we remember what truly lies at our core and focus on and participate with that, we will become more balanced observers wielding conscious choice rather than re-acting to a drama that has been played out before in many times, many ways. We can set healthy boundaries for ourselves in every area of life, knowing that this Unified Field of Love is our essence and foundation. And, we hold space for others to lift their perceptions and entrain to this truth as we live it ourselves.

I had some great training in this when my children were younger and going through their teenage years. I allowed myself to get wrapped up in their dramas, pain, and conflicts. I’m sure many of you can relate to this – having had or been a rebellious teen at some point yourselves. In my personal and spiritual life and healing/coaching practice, I was thriving. I was living my teachings, eating well, exercising, doing yoga and meditating every day. I loved my work, my home, my friends, and my life… except for the struggles of my children. I kept asking myself, “What am I doing wrong? Why am I experiencing this in my life if everything else seems so right?” “Where are my blind spots?” “Spirit, what is it I need to be aware of here?”

It seemed I had it all together and figured out everywhere but there. I had been a great Mom and the experience of their earlier years was terrific. We truly had the seemingly perfect, beautiful and joyous family life. And yet, with the divorce, for two of my three kids, life now seemed to be hell. The third was happy and easy going. He, although in the same house with us, always went with the flow, and did life with a smile. Our pain was not his. He observed and had compassion, and yet didn’t “take it on” as his own. He digested a lot for the family and I learned a lot from watching him. He saw through different eyes and lived a parallel reality right there in our home!

I was shown during those years that although I was “at home” and comfortable in my own way of perceiving life and the world around me, my struggling teens were learning to do the same. They were experiencing the darkness to be able to choose the light. Their pain was part of their process of unveiling life. They were BE-coming the fullness of their choices to be able to re-negotiate, balance and align themselves over and over again. I realized that all along, I had trusted Spirit to hold and mold me, my clients and the world at large, yet, had inadvertently forgotten (and to this they would say, “Duh! Mom!”) to remember in the middle of witnessing their pain and problems, that my children were also held in the same Grace and field of love of All That Is. I needed to trust their internal and spiritual process as fully as I trusted my own.

So, how does this all apply here? Well, I’m offering this example in hopes that it will inspire you to re-member what is true within yourself. In the community of the world, we are all participating with light, dark, love, despair, wisdom and ignorance in infinite forms. If we remind ourselves that even though our life experience takes many shapes and faces, we can better hold space for the transformation we seek if we hold ourselves and others in the Presence, knowing, and BE-ing of the Unified Field of Love. We never leave this field- only our perception does. And, re-aligning our perception realigns the people, experiences and circumstances we create and draw to ourselves.

Those who seem lost in pain, despair, doom and gloom, can build a good case up for continued suffering. After all, it’s in the papers, on the TV and all the experts agree. You’ve heard it before, “Misery loves company.” And, of course, knowing what we know about manifesting consciously, we would personally opt to focus only on the joyous feeling of gratitude for the desired outcome already achieved and received and starve any other thoughts of our attention. Those who haven’t actually learned how to make this work for themselves yet, may think we are being unrealistic or even crazy. Dropping our awareness to meet others in despair doesn’t serve anyone. Witnessing with compassion and meeting them from our center of truth does.

As we call our attention and presence into the Unified Field of Love, we breathe in the Grace, feel the truth of our divine essence and presence, and perceive it here and now. Let that emanate about us. Let us send that out on the breeze. Let it change the way we see, think and act. Let this truth change the climate of our lives and the world.

Our thoughts, hearts and bodies are constantly sorting multi- dimensional information and experiences. Our assignment, should we choose to accept it (which at times seems like a Mission Impossible), is truly possible and probable. If we intend, ever in the present moment to breathe in and BE in the Unified Field of Love in all our thoughts, choices, actions, words and deeds, we find ourselves in good company. We participate in, move and create from the collective consciousness of the highest matrix of light, love, wisdom and Grace. And, in living the unity of love, we offer the greatest gift of All.