The Gifts of Spirit Through LaHo-Chi

~by Beloved Heartsong
originally published in Inner Change Online Magazine- June/July 2002

As I reflect while writing this, I am once again in awe of the many ways in which my life has been blessed and changed by the gift of LaHo-Chi. I took the Level I workshop in 1995. Since then, I have continuously been amazed and thrilled with the infinite ways this beautiful energy has opened the spiritual doors to my soul.

When first exposed to LaHo-Chi, I immediately began seeing colors and visions. I began seeing movies in my head of people’s past lives and childhoods. I started receiving messages that were confirmed over and over again. It wasn’t long after that I began channeling poetry and writing. A few years later, I began consciously channeling the Ascended Masters, Angels and Spirit Guides. I have since channeled books and music and am enjoying the many blessings as they continue to unfold. It is not uncommon for people who attend the workshops to report the same findings. LaHo-Chi is a gentle but powerful rocket booster into an individual’s spiritual growth.

LaHo-Chi (pronounced lah hoe chee) is a very high vibrational spiritual and energetic laying-on-of-hands healing system. People become greatly empowered and dazzle themselves as they learn how to use and more fully understand the universal life-force energy for healing of self and others. It is very simple to learn and use. It can be used alone or in conjunction with any other healing modalities. Unlike Reiki, there are no attunements and you can learn all you need to learn to be a wonderful healer in just one weekend. There are other workshops available if you would like to expand your knowledge and skills as a healer or become a certified practitioner, but they aren’t necessary to launch yourself as a healer.

LaHo-Chi has an intelligence of it’s own; gently and effortlessly lifting pain and trauma stored in the emotional, physical, mental and etheric bodies. Whether a client is awake, asleep, or in a meditative state, they receive whatever healing is for their highest good. The practitioner is simply a vessel for the energy to flow through – allowing for and also receiving the beautiful gifts of spiritual hands on healing.

I was very impressed and excited when I first started using this energy on my three children. When having trouble going to sleep, they would fall asleep almost immediately after I put my hands on them and invoked the energy. There were numerous times when they were hurt and crying and LaHo-Chi cut the crying time in half! Once, in a grocery store parking lot, my 5 year old had his hand smashed in the van door- it closed on all 4 fingers. Of course he screamed and was in great pain. I immediately cupped my hands around his hurt hand and invoked the energy. After about 5 minutes, he said he was O.K. to go in the store. About 5-10 minutes later, I asked him how his hand was and he couldn’t remember which hand had been smashed!! I was very impressed!

As a LaHo-Chi instructor, I have watched hundreds of students & clients open to and receive messages of their heart, soul, higher consciousness and guides and angels. So many become propelled forward on their spiritual path and in their daily lives with exposure to LaHo-Chi. I use this amazing energy with myself, my family members, pets and friends. I use it for discomfort and in health and continue to see remarkable results. I also use it as active prayer and for global and cosmic consciousness.

In a session, the experience is usually one of deep relaxation and great peace. It is common for the client to report heightened sensations and delicate vibrations in, on and around the body such as tingling, heat, cold, seeing colors and angels, hearing messages or voices singing, smelling scents that are not physically in the room, a sense of expanded consciousness and knowing, and the gentle feeling of other loving hands and beings being present.

In the workshops, the group experiences a deep sense of loving and unity as they embrace and celebrate these magical and profound experiences. There is an energetic current that magnifies the resonance between the participants. This group resonance creates a tangible and unique energy field or vortex that acts as a gateway for accessing new levels of higher consciousness.

One of the most noticeable manifestations of this is the activation and expansion of the heart center. The sensation of being in the heart is the feeling of pure, unconditional love. I continue to assist in as many workshops as possible, just to be a part of the beauty, joy and wonder of souls coming home to themselves as they find and acknowledge the divinity within.

The LaHo-Chi Institute is based in Mt. Shasta, CA and Hendersonville, N.C. (near Asheville) and is co-directed by myself and Dr. Dan Watson.  We travel around the world teaching and inspiring others to open to the gifts of spiritual growth through energetic hands on healing and other modalities. These experiential workshops are  educational, enlightening,  fun, relaxing and joyous!