The Gift That Means the Most: Our Presence

~by Beloved Heartsong

There is nothing more powerful and desirable than our full attention and awareness in the present moment. From this place we can joyously create our future, our health, our relationships and true happiness. Being fully present for ourselves and others is the greatest gift we can bestow.

In this era of high technology, it gets easier and easier to multi-task and lose sight of the fact that we aren’t really functioning at as high and clear a level as we may think we are. If we are distracted or busy with several things- even if we think we are good at it, we aren’t really showing up for life, ourselves and each other. As we dissipate our energy, focus and attention, less of us shows up and is available for the tasks at hand. The power we bring to anyone or anything as we concentrate our energy and attention in one place is unlimited.

Our children and family members want our full attention. Our lovers and friends do, too. How about clients and customers? I’ve noticed more and more that in the work place, employees often do not even say hello or make eye contact with those whom they are serving. Society seems to be more robotic at times than human. We forget to look into each others eyes and souls, to feel each others hearts while we are talking and to really listen. People we meet on the street will open their hearts and smile if we do the same.

We can bless the world with all we think, say and do. The world needs us- to be the beacons, the examples, the teachers. Our fullness, our Grace, our love, our tenderness and compassion, our heart and full presence collectively is the nectar that all life longs to drink. As we spill forth, the God we are blossoms as conscious humanity.

Remember the Beatles song, “Money can’t buy me love”? Maybe the greatest gift we can give this holiday season is time and nurturing to ourselves. Maybe simply sitting, holding hands in silence with a loved one or slowing down to notice how and where the people we care about most need our presence. How can we open them with our love? Are we bringing enough energy, kindness, integrity, play and love to our interactions with self and others?

We have to slow down and take a deep breath to be able to answer the questions honestly and clearly. We have to really want to make a positive difference to change our busy and often destructive and self sabotaging habits that keep us from really living fully. We all have plenty of reasons and excuses to be busy, but excuses won’t let us take responsibility for what we’re doing- excuses keep us in denial. And, excuses will never satisfy a loved one who simply wants your time and presence.

If, when we get frustrated with ourselves or someone else, we just stop and ask ourselves what it would take to move the situation forward with love, so that everyone involved feels seen, heard, acknowledged and honored, our hearts will engage at a deeper level and the result will be healthier and more joyous selves and relationships.

Let’s slow down, take a deep breath and wrap ourselves up in love.