The Blessing of Chaos

by Beloved Heartsong
originally published in Inner Change Online Magazine- June/July 2004

All of the dreams of humanity experience a conception, a shifting, a re-shuffling and then a birthing into light. This is not a finite process, but one in which creation is ever changing, ever evolving into greater levels of clarity and refinement. This is what many call chaos. And, chaos is a term that feels un-comfortable to most. It represents what we fear most- the unknown and the feeling of being out of control.

Chaos in and of itself motivates and seems to call to us to create order. Yet, as soon as we have what appears to be order, we begin to re-think how we can continue controlling it- which only seems to work for a little while- because, in truth, we can’t. Life isn’t static. Chaos is the universe in motion, in it’s natural process of evolution. The great paradox here is that the order of the universe holds itself in constant change.

As we open to new possibilities and experiences in every moment, we learn to live and BE in the moment. All of our power and creativity comes from the present moment. We struggle so to be masters of our own universe, and often become disillusioned and disappointed with the people, circumstances and world around us. Who we are within ourselves in each moment is all we can control. We often desire to direct or control others and situations outside ourselves, but the truth is- we are all we have providence over. As Spirit is in All, we are filled with the Spirit that forms, moves and shapes All. We can affect great changes from within- not only for ourselves, but for the world.

As we participate in thoughts, we participate in and create the inner landscape of our choosing. This in turn shapes our outer experience. How we check ourselves; catching our thoughts of negativity and judgment and redirecting our consciousness into thoughts of the desired outcome or solution, is the only process by which we arrive at any semblance of order. We find peace within our own peaceful thoughts. We find joy, pain, freedom, limitation, health and abundance- anything we choose, through our thoughts. We create the joy of tomorrow through our joyful being today. As we choose thoughts and focus, our own inner light radiates and draws to us the people and experiences that will support who we are. All we experience outwardly is a reflection of who we are within. Knowing this, trying to affect change by going outside ourselves is like trying to reach through a mirror to touch our face. The reflection is not where we start, it is within. The reflection can only be changed from within.

We need not be victims of chaos or drama. Everything we experience is a call to love; to love ourselves more, to love others more, to love life more, to breathe life and love into all we see and do. In each moment we have the opportunity to recreate ourselves. We can stand in love, we can bless the chaotic opportunities presented to us to re-invent who we are and we can learn to be loving and gentle not only with others, but most importantly, with ourselves. As we do this, we become better and better at loving and living; being fully present in the moment and choosing again and again to be the most joyful, loving supporter of our own dreams and heart. In this way, we create the experiences within and around us that will call more of the same into our lives.

All we experience is an outer reflection of our inner world. This loving universe of free-will says a mighty, “YES!!” to all we choose. Our hopes, dreams, beliefs, doubts, fears and worries all magnetize to us more of the same. Whatever we focus on or give energy to, creates our immediate and future opportunities in our lives. If we choose to participate in thoughts of lack, fear, worry and doubt, the universe says, “Yes. You may experience as much of that as you like.” And, as soon as we choose to participate in thoughts and feelings of peace, joy, love, success, happiness and understanding, the universe says, “Yes!”

Our prayers, angels and guides are always available and loving us. They are ready and willing to help and support. It is our free will that determines the amount of interaction and intervention we experience. The more open we are to receive, and the more we listen to and act upon what we receive, the more gentle our messages. If we ignore the subtleties, they may have to “speak louder” to get our attention. Here again, we have the choice to be as loving and gentle with ourselves as possible.

Our hearts know our joy and as we listen to our hearts and our guidance, and gently follow what brings us feelings of inner peace, joy and love, we become part of the flow of the ever loving universe. Chaos is a great teacher –we can continue to struggle with trying to change others and circumstances to create peace within, or we can become part of the flow through the inner landscape of our hearts. As we get better and better at being what we seek, we effect great change in our lives, the lives of others, and become an example of living in the flow.