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Kindness in words creates confidence.
Kindness in thinking creates profoundness.
Kindness in giving creates love.  ~ Lao Tzu

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Beloved conducts this course with such a high level of integrity and responsiveness to her students! She is very well organized and teaches with impeccable clarity of the class material. She is an inspiring and gifted teacher and speaker. It is a joy to learn from her! This is a complete, thorough dynamic and mind-blowing course!!!  B.N., Santa Cruz

Beloved is a gifted facilitator and guide, and LaHo-Chi is a phenomenal and profound energy. Thank you for the experience and all the loving tools I now possess to make a difference in the world!  The training was well organized & facilitated. I felt completely supported to learn.
I have been practicing self-healing daily and incorporating 15 minutes of LaHoChi and Angel Light in each client session. It has the profound effect of melting resistance in even my most blocked folks and helping them let love and ease into their field.
I am in awe and so grateful!    G.O., Acupuncturist, Fairfax, CA

“I am a practicing acupuncturist and have been working with the body’s bio-energetic system for many years. When I took Beloved’s LaHo-Chi work-shop, I immediately saw and felt the benefits of this modality. With the addition of LaHo-Chi in my clinic, I have seen a new and qualifiable difference in my work. The integrity and energies that are present are very subtle, yet powerful. Both my clients and I feel incredibly empowered after the sessions. I do not feel run down after giving treatments and I believe my clients ailments improve exponentially with the addition of LaHo-Chi. I further believe the benefits available to all types of practitioners using this modality can only enhance the healing effect. Beloved teaches from a very grounded and spiritual place in the present. Her virtue and down-to-Earth manner make learning the process very simple and direct. Not only is Beloved an excellent teacher, the LaHo-Chi energy is easy to learn and use. It is now an adjunct modality which I always use in my clinic. Thank you Beloved. Thank you LaHo-Chi!” –David Filipello, L.Ac, Dunsmuir, CA

“Beloved Heartsong is a diversified holistic practitioner, poet, performer, and composer. So many gifts in one person is rare.  As the Director of The LaHo-Chi Institute, and as an energy healer, her spiritual awareness, multidimensional gifts, and connection to Source, become apparent in her delivery, presence, style of teaching, her extraordinary ability to “read energy,” and with the ease she has in facilitating the awakening of her many clients in private and group work. She is the ‘Expression’ of the new Master Teachers surfacing on the planet during this time of accelerated change. Her humility, warmth, and humor touch anyone who is blessed to know her and work with her. I have trained with her and a generous soul such as this, is a rare find.”
Celestial Highways Productions – Dorothea Joyce, CA.

“The LaHo-Chi energy is a very powerful healing and enlightening emanation of the Divine. In my experience receiving the transmission in the workshop and then transmitting it to others, has contributed to my going through life with more mental clarity and less thoughts. What Beloved brings to the LaHo-Chi workshop is the distillation of many years of spiritual practice. The workshop itself is a beautiful work of art. It is a direct consequence of the seriousness, integrity and devotion that Beloved puts in her work. It is the closest to having a class in heaven, with angels flying around included. While Beloved can transmit very high energies and operate in a very uplifted plane, at the same time she is totally down to earth and able to operate in the three dimensional plane better than most. To top it all, her sense of humor is delightful and her laughter utterly contagious.”
–Fernando Gomez, Translator, Healer, Mt. Shasta, California & Spain

“Thank you for opening the door of LaHo-Chi for me during your workshop. I feel blessed by the gifts you have shared with me. You are a wonderful teacher. Your three day workshop exceeded my expectations. You have led me into a new realm…one of understanding myself and my connection to All. I feel as though you taught me well in these three days and have launched me out into a new and exciting world. I felt in a safe place, surrounded by profoundly beautiful people. I am honored beyond anything I have experienced. I feel as though your tremendous grace and light was complimented by the presence of the people in the workshop. Somehow a shift has occurred inside of me like I have placed my hand on a memory stone! This whole weekend has been a fun and profound experience…. a precious gift.” –-Jennifer Reed, Massage Therapist, Comptche, California

“Beloved brings her radiance and complete training to this wonderful workshop. Embodying the Light from the Angelic Realms, she weaves the LaHo-Chi energy through the group, supporting and guiding her clients into a most profound, enriching, and wonderful experience. I have been an energy healer for many years and studied and practiced many modalities. This work took me deeper and further into myself and healing than I have ever gone before! “-Dorothea Joyce., Producer/Performer/Healer, Mt. Shasta,CA

I was blown away by the level of intentionality, mindfulness and integrity of Beloved’s course and everything involved in her bringing the teaching to us… the food, facilities, instruction and support. The safety I felt from Beloved and  her assistants and the space afforded very deep healing. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for carrying this immensely profound healing modality and sharing it so impeccably in your beautiful, sacred home.   K.R., Berkeley, CA

“I enjoyed Beloved’s workshop very much! She has much to share in a very safe, supportive, and informative weekend.”-Erik Berglund, Harpist/Singer/Healer,
Mt. Shasta, CA

“LaHo-Chi is the basic, non-verbal language that heightens & develops our capacity for expanding consciousness. This class is a great benefit for any and all who wish to be better at helping, healing and being human. This is the best workshop I have ever taken!”-
-Nancy Crystal, Feldenkrais Practitioner/Mt. Shasta, California

“This workshop created a quantum leap in my spiritual growth and life path! It opened my inner vision and knowing and has enriched my life and taken my massage practice into a new realm!”  –Susan Anderson, Massage Therapist, Mt. Shasta, California

 “I went into this weekend training with the intention of deepening my connection to spirit and was open to anything else that came with this connection. What I received was well beyond any expectations I had coming into the training. I have sensed, experienced, seen, and heard things I felt were only available to me after many years of practice. Many years of practice is not required. I have experienced enhanced clarity on every spiritual issue in my life and have had new doors opened to me that I can now carry with me on my journey. I understand more clearly how I fit into this puzzle and now anxiously await my destiny without further trepidation. Thank you, for becoming an integral part of my spiritual awareness & development.” – J. H., Writer, Arizona

 “This was much more than I anticipated! I’ve experienced many types of healing work, all of it useful in some way. The LAHO-CHI Training provided the spiritual context I’ve been looking for. I can incorporate this technique into my life and spiritual practice. In the two day training I had cellular cleansing and profound insights. I feel my work as a healer will be greatly expanded, refined and clarified. I feel so grateful.”
– D .L., Shen Practitioner, California

 “The most gentle, all-loving, and accepting energy I have ever experienced. I feel this workshop has elevated my spirit-self many levels. I have taken and worked with many levels of discipline and this one works and changes you from the first moment you decide to take the workshop.” – D. H., Massage Therapist, North Carolina

Seriously…. the best workshop I’ve ever taken! The space, the people, the energy and divine serendipity of it all…Wow!  Beloved’s ability to curate a beautiful, sacred container is beyond words.  I see myself using this in all parts of my life and practice…with patients, family, friends, and pets. The world needs more of this! Thank you!
B. M., MD, Encinitas, CA

 “I am a practicing massage and polarity therapist and through the LAHO-CHI training I was exposed to a whole new realm of healing. LAHO-CHI opens you to the heart. The LAHO-CHI experience can open gifts that you may have not even realized you had. This weekend was one that has fulfilled every expectation I had.”
– L. H., Massage & Polarity Therapist, California

“While I have given and received many Reiki sessions, that did not prepare me for what I experienced during this training. Beloved created such a loving, peaceful, light filled and safe atmosphere that the energy seemed to be always humming about. This seemed to greatly enhance the effects of the practice sessions we gave to and received from each other. Many of these sessions were profound for both the giver and the receiver. Personally, I was in the midst of a very challenging situation when this opportunity for the training arrived. And the training became the blessing. It was beyond profound for me. It was life changing. My challenging situation is still with me but I have now been able to accept it and to be at peace with it. This work is truly transformative. I greatly encourage anyone seeking spiritual growth and expansion to attend a LaHo-Chi training weekend. Don’t miss the blessing of this opportunity!”
-A.W., Murrells Inlet, SC

Beloved, thank you for your gift of self and the life changing experience of LaHo-Chi and Angel Light!  It amazes me how in one weekend you were able to weave such powerful energies on a spiritual level with a Grace and flow like none other I have ever experienced.     I am so thankful for the LaHo-Chi Activation Training with our Myrtle Beach Group and the sessions. Almost 2 months later,  “The feeling of “wellbeing” and “all is as it should be”,… is still with me…The LaHo-Chi energy amazes me and reminds me that even small groups can make a huge difference. Seriously, … It is like riding a wave…!”
-E.B., Myrtle Beach, SC

Beloved is a great instructor with eons of experience and knowledge  and is tons of fun to boot!.  I enjoyed the pace, the spontaneity and lightness, the rich content, and appreciate the inconspicuous- the unseen organization and devotion that made it all look so easy and rendered it so delightful! L.M.,Massage & Biodynamic Cranio-Sacral Therapist,Queens, NY

Beloved teaches the LaHo-Chi with much Grace and enthusiasm. I feel so respected and held in each of several classes I have taken with her. Even being an assistant in her trainings is highly expanding and supportive of my spiritual path.
LaHo-Chi is the most powerful healing energy that I know of; more powerful than Reiki and Deeksa, of which I am a practitioner of both. Beloved is a committed teacher and a master. And, to top it off, she is funny! Each training exceeds my expectations and is a total delight.   F.G., Translator & Healer, Mt. Shasta, CA & Spain

Experienced powerful, loving, multi-dimensional re-calibration and deep healing.
Beloved is a spiritual emissary of Light, and through LaHoChi healing. She is a master at setting the stage for participants to receive a direct experience of Self Love.The way she lives her life and embraces others is a testimony to her authentic nature. She awakened through her own experiences of LaHoChi. Having direct, inner experiences brings us to a deeper appreciation of others, and how we are so much more than we know ourselves to be. LaHoChi Healing has shown me how to move gently through releasing the past, and now, how to own and trust the vastness of what comes through me as a creative artist and energy healer.  Beloved guides participants  to open their hearts to receive themselves. The training and her high vibratory original musical compositions  were of complimentary  support for people to move through the weekend feeling bathed in unconditional love. The experience of gratitude, and compassion for self and others is a gift we all shared in the closing circle.
D.J., Concert Performer, Author, Healing Practioner, Mount Shasta, CA

A beautiful workshop with beautiful people, a beautiful collective energy throughout. The vibration was so high, I felt as thought I was walking on clouds, but totally grounded more than I’ve ever been. It healed my soul on a very deep level. It is an experience I absolutely want again! Beloved is a Goddess!!
B.J., Frazier Park, CA

LaHo-Chi and Angel Light have gifted me the support that only a living lineage can offer.
I feel as if I just spent 3 months on retreat, not 3 days. Beloved’s commitment to sharing LaHo-Chi in its original form, creates a powerful and palpable energy field; the kind of space where true healing and transformation can occur. I am blessed!
D.R., Acupuncturist & Chi Gong Instructor, Novato, CA

I came with no expectations and a skeptical mind about energy work and its differentiation. I was pleasantly surprised to immediately feel LaHo-Chi and feel how it opened me up and activated me. It is vibrationally very high and I had profound experiences, which were reflected back and confirmed to me  by my partner’s shared visions and experiences.
A.S., Acupuncturist, Mt. Shasta, CA

I feel much more present, expanded and shifted in such a raw and loving way. I recommend this course to everyone. Beloved is such a warm, inviting and incredibly gifted and talented teacher. I very much enjoyed the workshop!
K.R., Massage Therapist, Comptche, CA

Beloved’s experience as an instructor and practitioner really shows. She does an excellent job creating a space with a very high vibration and a very nurturing environment for everyone. I appreciated the stories about her own experiences and the wisdom she shared. I received deep healing for myself, expanded my abilities and have new tools to use in my healing work. Food was excellent!  C.S., Manhattan Beach, CA

The frequencies of Angel Light and LaHo-Chi in the training, shifted energy patterns within that have remained seemingly unmoved for a long time. I am excited to use this on my own to discover what shifts will manifest!   C.P.,  Weed, CA

If you are looking to deepen and charge your connections to Divine Spirit, as well as your own connection to your inner, intuitive self, LaHo-Chi is a course to cherish.
L.W., Sound Engineer, Mt. Shasta, CA

Coming to the LaHo-Chi training was like returning home. Being new to this healing modality, I did not expect to be filled with so much bliss, love and guidance during the three-day course. Sharing this learning process with the other students made it even more enjoyable. Beloved is gifted with Grace and it is a blessing to witness it. Anyone will benefit from embracing the LaHo-Chi journey.   A.D., Graphic Designer, Glendale, CA

LaHo-Chi gave me extraordinary  sensitivity to sacred and subtle energies inside and all around me. Beloved showed us how to bring healing to all aspects of our lives in a conscious, sacred, prayerful manner. She offered precise instructions and examples and showered all with Grace.  She is a joyful presence that makes me feel balanced and happy to be near. My connection with divine source has been deeply nourished!
Thank you for providing a safe space to explore sacred connections,  develop skills, receive guidance, as well affirm our divine unity.
E.B., Yoga Instructor, Musician, Mt. Shasta, CA 

If you feel interested in this course, do not 2nd guess or doubt yourself! This course allowed me to leave the cocoon behind and fly free as a butterfly! It’s a very powerful tool, life changing…. for a new beginning in life!    P.N., Registered Nurse, Glendale, CA

This course exceeded my expectations of better understanding healing energy. It blew open possibilities in my life and in serving others.  S.H., Weed, CA

I showed up mentally and physically exhausted and depleted. I now feel vibrant, mentally clear and physically stronger. I feel I can continue my work and now thrive in my life! I highly recommend this workshop!   V.L., Healer & Biofield Tuning,  Chapel Hill, NC

Beloved, you have shown us a passage into the heavenly realms . Access through a protocol that is healing, enlightening and forever expanding.  No need to read a thousand books. It is so natural… A step by step application from simple to greater depth into our own evolution. It’s a bit like a Montessori program where children follow their own intuition to gain insight how to explore their world to gain mastery. I AM so touched by what you are bringing forth as a Gift to the world today. You have a program that takes  light workers directly into 5D. We love you!  I.R., Weed, CA

I have attended many workshops in the healing arts over the decades.  This is the first time that I have walked away, feeling beyond a doubt, that I knew I had something specific to use for myself and others that I could utilize right away, that was simple enough to actually remember, and powerful enough that I was excited to share it! SO EMPOWERING!   J.S.,  Occupational Therapist, Mt. Shasta, CA

Beloved is a very gifted, talented, loving and great teacher. She is very supportive on every level. I really loved our group connection deeply. I highly recommend this course!
T.D., Health Products Sales, Mt. Shasta, CA
LaHo-Chi brought me to a new level of spiritual awareness, deepened my love of humanity, and opened me more fully to God and  the universe!
M.S., Acupuncturist, Mt. Shasta, CA


 “This training deepens, intensifies, and integrates the powerful energy first experienced during the Level I Training. My visual images are more vivid and clear as well. I experienced the most powerful healing I’ve ever received during the Level II Training.”
-J. R., Actor, Minister, Healer, California

“My experience has been very positive. It has meant so much to me to spend this kind of structured time with other people who are committed to healing- that alone helps to heal the brokenness that I’ve carried around in my heart throughout life. That’s one of the incredible things about the LAHO-CHI groups. It’s a little bit like being “home” again. At this weekend retreat I went out into a new, very deep level of God’s energy.”
– P. T., Artist, Arkansas

 “Both a life-altering and mind-altering experience! Experiencing the Divine Energy as a receiver and a giver has made physical, emotional, and spiritual mega-differences in my life. As a mainstream health practitioner exposure to the LAHO-CHI energy has caused me to take a new direction in my philosophy of health and healing.”
-J. S., Pharmacist, Arkansas

“Totally Enlightened once again! A much deeper awareness of the higher realms and the healing energies which are channeled. A wonderful release in my ability to just surrender to the energy.” -A. B., Toning & Energy Healing Teacher, California

“I am so overflowing with love and gratitude for this training and time together. Beloved is such an inspiration and bright light in my life!” -J.W., New York

“The gentle, compassionate guidance of Beloved is truly all encompassing. An experience of deep felt love and growth is the result.” -M.T., New York

“This was another amazing weekend! So well planned, and the love that was felt was just indescribable.” -J.M., Massachusetts

“This weekend workshop helped tremendously with my grief and healing. The space was beautiful and the food was awesome!” – L.D., New York


Decording is one of the most amazing and powerful healing tools available to light workers. Issues that may have taken years of therapy, can be lifted, released and healed in one session- making what would seem impossible, a living reality. Every person in this transformational training emerges from the weekend as a new living being- understanding and healing themselves in expanding ways as never before. This is deep, loving, safe, sacred soul work that is a profound gift to all who choose it.
~Beloved Heartsong, Director 

This workshop taught me an amazingly powerful tool for healing and transformation- both for myself and for others. I am amazed at how the combination of the LaHo-Chi, Decording and Angel Light techniques together create a synergy that is both powerful and gentle and totally healing. In addition, I experienced powerful personal growth, healing and clearing that has made me feel like a new person. I know that as a result of this experience, I am changed forever and I look forward to experiencing life in my new form. I would recommend this course to healers, therapists and anyone interested in acquiring a powerful therapeutic and healing tool for themselves and others.
~N. S.- O., Certified LaHo-Chi Practitioner & Executive, North Carolina

I came to the workshop feeling a heavy weight in my chest area and a knotting stomach. After the first day, I felt very light and other members of the training said I looked so different; like I shed a ton of weight. I feel very calm and at peace inside upon completing this training. The connection with others and the deep sharing has allowed me to open my heart in many unexpected ways. I feel I can trust people again on a deeper level.    ~R. E., Certified LaHo-Chi Practitioner, Durham, NC

My experience of the decording was one of many emotions and much integration, growth, and processing. Now that the weekend is over it felt like two seconds. But walking away from this experience I feel like I have gained life times of knowledge and growth. I also released and healed so much of myself. I am really excited to see what happens next and see how my growth progresses. I feel two new senses of empowerment and I also feel more compassion in myself than ever before. I am also incredibly grateful to everyone that was a part of this workshop. We all had such a beautiful sacred space for each other to do the healing we came to do, and I am really just proud of everyone here. I am also grateful for Beloved, Rio, and Dan, for holding incredible sacred space for us and doing absolutely amazing work and coaching with us. I went to levels I wasn’t sure I was capable of because of the trust I had with the people here.  Thank you!
~H. G., Certified LaHo-Chi Practitioner, Pittsfield, MA

For a few weeks before I was unsure if I would or should do this training. But it became clear that this was where I needed to be. It has helped me release old stuff I was holding onto so I can serve and live in a higher, more balanced, more open, stronger, loving creative presence with a clearer connection to my higher self so I can truly be the channel of love and light I am meant to be. I felt the length of time was perfect, my partners were perfect and the food was great!  I liked starting with just dialogue then moving to a session with LaHo-Chi energy. I feel like a new woman- like wonder woman! I love you! Kisses and hugs!
~G.L.M., Certified LaHo-Chi Practitioner, Virginia Beach, VA

This is a powerful therapeutic tool. The four-day training flew by. The decording sessions were amazing in their intensity. The intimacy among the group members, the brilliance of the teachers, led to an incredible experience, and I return to the “normal” world lightened, healed and grateful to have been part of this.
~D.N., Certified LaHo-Chi Practitioner, New Jersey

This weekend has been a life changing process for me. The love, trust and support each person provided to give and receive made this a very conscious time to go within with safety. The love light each person brings to the group magnifies with each passing member. A wonderful group, great coaches and leaders. I love you all for the safety net provided so lovingly.   ~F. I., Certified LaHo-Chi Practitioner, Hillsborough, NC

This training, de-cording, gave me a life changing experience. I kept getting feelings to enroll in this class and began looking forward to attending a few days before. Also, my soul became attuned to the energy of the training a day or so before class. I began receiving insight on whom I was to decord from. I believe this indicated how important this class was for my spiritual growth. The class itself followed a logical progression making it easy to understand and adapt to the decording technique. I received excellent support during the sessions. There was plenty of time for review and assimilation of these powerful clearings. In addition, the instructors provided an excellent atmosphere in which to learn and build class support. I highly recommend the decording training to all LaHo-Chi practitioners.
~J.A., Certified LaHo-Chi Practitioner, Mebane, NC

Decording has been the most supportive/ intensive experience of my life. More cleansings and learning than I ever knew I needed or ever expected. I feel light, airy, and whole. My gratitude, for this experience and the support in which I was provided made the clearings easy, graceful and joyful through the tears.
~L.B., Certified LaHo-Chi Practitioner, Walnut Cove, NC