The Cosmic Cradle


 ~ Lessons and Poetry on Living Life 
with a Lifted Spirit 

Revised Edition ©2013
by Beloved Heartsong


An Excerpt from the Book:

As infants and toddlers, most of us are blessed with parents who rock us, nurture and love us, make us feel safe and help us heal.

As we mature and age, it becomes our responsibility to do this for ourselves. This unspoken transfer of power often leaves us feeling lonely, unsafe, unloved, unprotected and frustrated, angry and vulnerable. We feel like the baby in the lullaby – “When the bough breaks, the cradle will fall, and down will come baby, cradle and all.”

The intention of these writings is to help us find the strength and courage to crawl back into the cosmic cradle that surrounds us all- Spirit. As we see ourselves and our world community interconnected by this common unity; this cosmic cradle, we can make it our own and love ourselves enough to open our hearts, heal our wounds and to honor and see the beauty within each and every One.

Loving and healing the cosmos is a journey that begins within the infinite nest of our own hearts – the Heart of One.

Written here, on these pages, is a journal of the journey of Spirit, yours and mine – as we remember who we really are – One with each other, God, our Source, the universal Love.

Allow yourself the time and space to turn inward and expand who you are into the cosmic cradle – the place where you are held, loved and nurtured – where all your needs and desires are met.

This is the place of unity – where we have come from, and where we are going – Home.

Go forth my child, in strength and with courage. You are a child of the universe. You have the power to endure all that comes your way – with Grace and dignity and constant guidance. You are never alone. You are encircled and held in divine love.  Be at peace.

Newly Revised Edition as of September 2013!

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by Claire Heartsong

Author of Anna, Grandmother of Jesus   and
Anna, Voice of the Magdaleines
Co-Author of Understanding Twin Flames

Weaving words as if they were bejeweled threads of starlight, Beloved lovingly creates a cosmic cradle that welcomes and supports all weary hearts. She offers a self-empowering space in which to shift into a state of remembering one’s divinity.  Find rest within these pages, gather strength, then remember your wings and fly!

by Dan Watson, Ph.D.
Co-Founder of the LaHo-Chi Institute of Energy Healing

Beloved’s unique blending of prose and poetry acts like word magic – opening subtle doors of awareness and inviting one’s self to explore more deeply the realms of inner wisdom, language of the heart and divine inspiration.

by Kathryn Lanier
for Innerchange Magazine


“Love yourself as you wish to be loved. No judgments, no grief – only love.” For everyone who longs for the love and nurturing of their childhood – and for everyone who longs for the love and nurturing they didn’t receive in childhood – Beloved Heartsong’s The Cosmic Cradle is a must read.

Heartsong relates in the Introduction that the poetry and essays have come through her rather than from her. Her own connection with Spirit flows from every page. There is a gentleness, a sincerity, and a pure joy that is contagious in her work. Heartsong does cover the beautiful topics of love, grace, and joy, but do not dismiss this small volume as fluff. Pain, grief, change, and the fast pace at which we often move through our lives are part of our experience also and they are not left out. However, Heartsong’s message is that we can rest in the Cosmic Cradle of pure love as we move through this human incarnation. Spirit is limitless in the ability to hold you in the comfort of the Cosmic Cradle.

About the Reviewer: Kathryn Lanier lives in Asheboro, NC with her eighteen year old twins. She is a freelance writer, editor, and distributor, educated at UNC-CH and the College of Charleston. Kathryn is internationally published, and she designs and teaches workshops for personal empowerment and creative writing.  She writes, edits, and distributes for international clients.

by Margaret A. Harrell
Author of Toward a Philosophy of Perception: The Magnitude of Human Potential–Cloud Optics

Last night I woke and thought, “What can I read?”, and picked up your Cosmic Cradle. I can say that in that state of receptiveness, I got a clear understanding of why people are pointing out how much depth it has (in the reviews). I started at page one and went a good way through, enjoying all of it, engrossed in fact. Then skipped ahead.

Reading everything in context and holistically (as a unit), it’s the thought, the Spirit, that shines through. It is all of a piece and that piece is utterly already wrapped into Unity Consciousness and into Love. If one can live that, which from what I see you already do—you will have an amazing, rich and pure life to look forward to–because the words already contain the Keys to the Kingdom.

As an artist you showed the truth that simplicity has everything inside it and the right words are onions or flower gardens that peel away into or blossom into larger spaces. It helped me to be reminded of this. Personally, I was rewarded in thinking that you demonstrated how energy carries its context from the author of it, or channeler, to the receiver. It’s said by some scientists that light, when it sets out, in every single case, has a receiver. No light ever leaves a point without a point to go to, where it is received. We, or I, anyway, sometimes need to be reminded of this secret fact, because sometimes the Light is received faraway, where we aren’t aware of it.

It’s also said, by scientists, that any observation changes what it observes, and that perhaps observation in the future changes what it observes right now, in the present which is its past. I believe and know these facts of Light, but it’s wonderful to be called to align with where we are reminded that it’s true and that the energy carried in that truth is speaking to one. In those ways, not only in the messages (which were perfectly aligned with this), it was inspiring. It was also bold, to work with simplicity and economy but know that that was a vehicle for a profound Voice.