Remembering to BE Who we Are

~By Beloved Heartsong

Fall 2008

I have had several write me recently about how to “see” and “BE” with what is going on in our world now. Many are concerned about money, the economy, the political scene, and what I am most concerned about is the spiritual community of the world. Who are we as the millions of light players on the planet living our daily lives? Who ARE we individually and collectively? By this, I mean, how do we choose to hold our thoughts and live our lives?  How do we show up for ourselves, each other and the world?

 We have come to be in these amazing times. We have chosen to be instrumental in shifting the consciousness of the planet at this time. So, why do we ever forget who we are? WE (as a spiritual collective on this planet) in the past, have needed a lot of nudging and reminders that WE ARE beautiful and powerful beings of light, love and wisdom! We tend to think it and spout it rather than BE it. It sounds good on paper, and yet, we sometimes aren’t sure how to own it, “wear” it and put it to good use in our daily lives.

No need to make ourselves wrong or judge our lapses in consciousness. The reason we forget is that we live in a world of illusion that seems real. This affords us the opportunity to constantly, in every moment, choose to return to embrace and live TRUTH. It keeps us active, in the present moment. From this place and this place only, we effect the greatest change and wield the greatest power. We can train our brains to observe the doubt, fear or lack of faith we are participating in and then, in just a few seconds, we can choose to participate in thoughts of the desired outcome.

We can choose to take ourselves quickly in and out of FEELING any emotion. The more we do this, the better we get at it. Just like any skill, practice makes perfect. Pretty soon, it becomes easier to re-member ourselves, easier to hold the truth in any situation, easier to BE peaceful, trusting, loving, present and WHOLE. The more we KNOW this, the more our cells vibrate with the higher frequencies of truth and love. Our vibrant, radiant light shines brighter, inspiring and lifting us and those and the world around us.

We KNOW better than to give energy and focus to that which we don’t want, yet we at times, find ourselves in the loop of habitual thought and focus. It takes RIGHT USE OF WILL and perseverance to hold our truth and center in the face of adversity- one moment and choice at a time. Here and now, front and center.

As we listen to the news or friends speak of their fear, crashing markets, foreclosures, etc., we may not realize it, but we often find ourselves “reeled in” to their belief systems and the energy of their illusory pain (you’ve heard, ‘misery loves company’)- and if enough people hold and participate in that belief, well, the mass consciousness becomes a giant snowball of energy in THAT direction. We walk away from conversations feeling drained, distracted, and looking to someone or something outside of us to shift us back into feeling better without realizing what we just did. Do we really want to support, fuel, or give our energy and attention to that?

 So, my question and concern is, how well is the mass consciousness of the “enlightened” spiritual community of the world holding their center when they hear all this? Are we diligently returning to HOME BASE within our own minds? Are we choosing to witness and observe and self adjust our thoughts and feelings to experience the joy of the desired outcome instead? Are we remembering to LIVE GRATITUDE for all that we are and all that we have in their lives? Are we remembering that living gratitude actually creates abundance? Are we remembering that WE are the EXAMPLE FOR THE WORLD TO FOLLOW?

We have all heard for years about how to manifest our dreams. We have read Excuse Me, Your Life is Waiting (by Lynn Grabhorn) and have listened to Abraham tapes (Esther Hicks). Most of us can spout it out to someone else upside down and backwards. Yet, here we are, living the true test of our ability and conviction. It’s our chance to really shine and make the difference we came to BE!

How? Remember, we ARE the light of God, we ARE the love, we ARE the infinite blessings of all that we have ever desired and dreamed. So, as we wield our powerful swords of mighty thought, HERE WE ARE! What ARE those thoughts we are moving around with such force? Are we standing sure and true that God is our source and therefore there is ONLY ABUNDANCE (of whatever we choose to focus on) through that truth? Are we remembering that as we believe, so IT SHALL BE? That’s where “So BE it!” came from! It doesn’t mean, ‘I wish it would happen’! It means SO…(go ahead and) BE IT! Live it! Act as if all you KNOW is that God, Spirit, Source, Creator is working through you in all you think, do, see, believe, breathe and choose. Choose love. Choose faith. Choose kindness. Choose compassion. Choose to listen to that which you would LOVE to fill your mind and heart with- and stop participating in and listening to FEAR (false expectation appearing real).

What if we decided the most loving thing we could do for ourselves when friends and family want to tell us how they (think they) KNOW about fear and doom and gloom, is to say, “I acknowledge where you are with it and I choose to see and FEEL my future as supporting me joyously in all I need. God is my source! (Not the stock market or a job.) Thank you for voting my victory and holding me in that light!”

 OK- so we may not choose to actually say that out loud to everyone, although, we can choose to say it to ourselves- over and over and over again. As many times as it takes, we do it. We have a choice. In every moment we have a choice.

 The mental and emotional health of the spiritual community and all of the world is blessed by our every positive thought, feeling and choice! Our choices are the building blocks of our future.

What will you choose?