Private Sessions

Be content with what you have;
rejoice in the way things are.
When you realize there is nothing lacking,
the whole world belongs to you.
~ Lao Tzu

Most clients and students report receiving the benefits listed below
when they experience LaHo-Chi Energy Healing  ~

• Inner Peace and Well-Being

• Greatly Reduced Stress Levels

• Heightened Awareness

• Enhanced Creativity

• Release of Emotional Traumas

• Increased Clarity and Focus

• Accelerated Physical Healing

• Deeper Levels of Spiritual Connection

LaHo-Chi is a powerful and transformational system for healing the Body, Mind, and Spirit through the balancing and integration of energy centers within the human energy field. In an age of accelerated growth that calls for accelerated healing measures, the LaHo-Chi energy offers a gentle and powerful experience that allows your entire body, your whole self, to go into deep meditative states that are instrumental in the process of healing and transformation.

Can I  experience this remotely?
Yes, long distance/remote sessions are typically handled over the phone. Once scheduled, you will receive emailed instructions on how to best prepare for your session and how it will flow. We speak immediately before the healing session, and then again immediately after to discuss our shared experience. Most report the same type of experiences as in-person recipients do.

For more information about sessions, please see the FAQs page.

To schedule a session or for more information please contact  Beloved, or
 Click here to find a  Certified LaHo-Chi Practitioner

What Clients Have to say about Receiving Energy Healing:

“The energy work I received from you was astounding. I felt so light, as if my body had lifted off of the table. My mind soared while I had many insights and awakenings. Your work is magnificent. You are an amazingly conscious channel of the energies you call upon. You and your work is also very nurturing and compassionate. The environment you created felt safe and loving. At the end of our session I felt cradled in the glow of the energy surrounding me. It was the most profound energy work I’ve ever received. The waves of energy and intelligence flowing through and around me were palpable. Thank you, so much, for this incredible, life altering experience. I look forward to our next session together. ”
~Shashi Tusken, Artist, Massage Therapist, Raw Foods Chef, Instructor & Caterer –

“As a Spiritual teacher and healer for many years, I can truly say that although I have experienced that direct flow of Spirit many times, Beloved’s healing sessions and transmissions are truly amazing … opening many gifts of Grace. She is a beautiful, loving, and especially clear channel for the Divine and your own God Presence to work through bringing you to your next step with ease, grace and joy. From the moment we met on the mountain there was instant recognition as soul family and knowing that this one would touch many with her light and open heart. ”
~Diana Gazes, International Workshop Leader, Healer, Multi-Media Creator

“Beloved gently attuned her voice, touch & overall manner of being to create a cradle of unconditional love to create an optimum healing environment. In my subtle awareness, I experienced her cells opening and offering themselves to make space for the light and love of God. This session was a full sensory experience that enabled greater awareness, sensitivity, and calibrated me to a higher state of being with others, Spirit and myself. ”
~RaQuael “Questar” Langford, Financial Specialist

“The thing I most admire about Beloved is how she lives the mystical as practical. She is so embracing that it is natural to feel at ease getting on her healing table. The surprise and delight though is the powerful healing energies that come through once her work begins. I always feel profoundly expanded and greatly loved and I am much more aware of my true divine nature when I do a session with Beloved. ”
~Nancy Crystal, Feldenkrais Practitioner

✧Disclaimer: LaHo-Chi Energy Healing is a spiritual energetic healing system that may have a transformative effect upon a person’s subtle energy bodies. This is not a prescription for medical or psychiatric illness nor are there any medical or psychiatric claims made.