Our Gift to Our Children & Their Future

by Beloved Heartsong

Published in Durham/Chapel Hill Herald Sun  Dec. 6, 2005
Originally published in Inner Change Magazine- August/September 2002

There is a discrepancy between the perception of what a child is through the eyes of an adult, and the truth of who they really are. This vast sea of perception is the mass consciousness we all draw upon and replenish. Within this infinite spectrum of understanding comes the foundation of self -love or self- hatred for every child. There is no such thing as a thought that doesn’t matter – we all add to this cosmic soup with all we do.

The future of our children is shaped and molded by our thoughts and beliefs; fears, judgments, doubts, limitations, anger, faith, trust and hope. The foundation of truth we all share is ever present in this constant creation. Our greatest gift to our children, the children of the world and ourselves is to summon forth the courage to be present in love. What does this mean? Well, first it means to let go of the past. While focusing on the past, you hold yourself in thoughts of doubt, fear, lack and pain- you aren’t trusting in the infinite well of loving abundance that is yours in every moment.

Second, if you are focusing on the future, you are also not present. If you spend too much time projecting your dreams and wishes, you are not allowing the ever flowing current of unfolding Grace to bless your path. This effortless gift of gentle being is found in the Now- in each moment.

Thirdly, being present in love is a conscious choice. It is not only choosing to embrace each moment fully and to be and remain here now, but it is also the choice to open and share your heart to and with all. It is to act with conscious intention instead of reacting. Many of us have been taught that strength is lost in vulnerability. We confuse healthy boundaries with defensive emotional walls. The strength that comes through vulnerability is flexible- bending and yielding, and is based upon faith, hope and trust. It is founded in the flowing, unconditional heart. To build a world of love, and peace, children must be “presented”; i.e. “gifted” with this outlook and belief system. Dreams of peace, and the ideas and inspirations of understanding, joy and love that are so necessary to create a world where children feel safe, comfortable and can thrive are fostered and enhanced through the gift of “loving presence”.

How we determine the efficacy of our shared intentions in this process, is through the way our children respond in the world. Where there is darkness we know to bring light. If we want peace and gentleness out in the world, we must first have it within ourselves and within our families. For as within; without. The reflection our children offers to us is a clear guide as to where our work remains. The gift of love and gentleness to the world is built and supported by open, caring hearts. And, we can only be responsible for our own. The example we give in the way we choose to live our lives is the most powerful tool for effective change and is the most determining factor in our children’s future. We can not pretend it is anyone else’s responsibility.

Whether we have children of our own or not, we are all part of the same family and share the same world. If we take the time to ask ourselves what kind of splash we wish to make in this world, and open our hearts to live our lives in accordance with our dreams, we will have created the perfect launching pad into the future. Let us choose to give the greatest gift of all to our children and to ourselves; to put our gentle, joyous, and loving hearts in motion.