Letting Go

Letting go of relatioletting gonships with those we have cared deeply for, is one of the most difficult tasks in life. The choice to remain true to Self, to honor, respect and do no harm, to be compassionate, kind and remain heart centered, while choosing to align with one’s internal guidance, awareness, resonance and values is not always met with agreement or understanding.

The pain another feels in the process of an individual’s choices being carried out, deserves tenderness and compassion, yet does not diminish the necessity to honor one’s own heart, truth, alignment and knowing. We can only, ultimately, be responsible for ourselves- not in the selfish sense, rather as informed Spirit in motion. As informed Spirit in motion, caring for others when inspired and directed, becomes our joy rather than a co-dependent task based on what others want from us for them to be happy.

Each beings happiness, well-being and choices are their own- a state of BE-ing connected with-in to the true Source of All. Until one resides and abides in and through that awareness, happiness and life seem to be attached to variables outside Self. The belief that happiness can be found in another, a place, a thing, creates the experiences of joy in finding, acquiring and the pain of losing.

Love, peace, joy, happiness and Grace are our natural state of BE-ing. It is what we are; birthed in, through, with and as the light and Source of all life. We are taught and learn through others perceptions and beliefs to let go of our own knowing and to accept and take on the views of others. Families, schools, peer groups, religious organizations, medical, political, activity and interest based communities all have their own belief systems and agreements that participants align with to be a “cooperative” member. Conforming insures the survival of the group. Dis-empowerment under the guise of support often goes unnoticed.

Yet, within the design of each being, is the infinite wisdom to follow their own heart and inner knowing- to BE happy, in their own way, to live their own expression of Source as encoded in their own individualized expression of the One.

Rather than imposing conformity, what if the people and organizations who influenced us, taught us to be authentic expressions of Spirit as it evolves, blossoms and quickens within us? What if they encouraged us to go within ourselves as our main re-Source? Who would we BE if we had been encouraged from birth to be the God we are individually and collectively? Imagine having been taught to respect, honor and nurture with loving kindness and compassion, each beings journey and unfolding- knowing we cannot “take” from another anything of God. We can only share it. It IS who we are.

When we forget this, we seek satisfaction and fulfillment outside ourselves. We long to be and have all that we have yet to own and recognize within- hence, the pain of perceiving and then being without what we desire.

We are creative powerhouses of Spirit. We can live and experience anything we believe. Knowing this, we can let go and let God…let go, let be, forgive, trust, be grateful, celebrate and welcome the ever flowing divine providence that informs and blesses our lives. You may say, “It sounds good on paper”, or “How do we get there from here?” The answer is so simple; most don’t “see” it.

We are a society of do-ers, busier than ever before; multi-taskers and distracted by as much as possible from morning to night. We think and move quickly, react quickly from moment to moment. To “see” it, we must slow down, be still, day dream, create white space on our calendars and in our lives, in our tasks, conversations and all we do. We need to make room for God as Presence.

Healing comes with Presence. Running from, avoiding and covering our pain with business and substances, rehashing the past and fearing the future, is not living in the present. It is avoiding it. Grace, presence of mind, heart, BEing and the moment are only to be found in the NOW. Learning to spend time IN each moment, fully present, breathing and BEing rather than doing, affords us the opportunity to tap into the fullness of life, Spirit and the universe with-in. We become in-formed with in-sight and add to our consciousness bank account the presence and abundance of all possibilities in life.

If we bring an open mind and heart to the ever unfolding and informing Presence, we become the creator Gods we were designed and born to be. The magic is in our essence as presence. We may look to a person, teaching, substance, entertainment or distraction to help us deal with life, to learn and grow and even to develop our spiritual awareness, yet to embody and sustain the continuous unfolding, unfurling and evolution of our Spirit, we must spend time within- BE-ing fully present with ourselves in meditation, nature, creativity, work, making love, silence, stillness and prayer, etc. Living this within creates the outer experiences of it in our lives.

There are a million paths to God and our full, undivided presence with our own essence is ours. Investing in our own presence bank account, so that we can sustain and maintain deeper and deeper presence in all we do, is the greatest gift we can give ourselves, another and the world. The synchronistic weaving of life as it informs itself individually and collectively, honors and respects all life. Life becomes lived as a blessing for All.

The freedom to be authentic is living truth. Letting go opens the door to receiving. Trusting God within eliminates fear and lack. Residing within our own happiness and light gives others permission to do the same and releases attachments to that which is outside us so we can “go with the flow”. Living the flow of Spirit brings All into harmony, balance, peace and joy.

So, when we are faced with letting go, or the decision to change a relationship or situation, instead of judging, projecting, blaming and reacting, we can remind ourselves of the fullness of our Spirit, our Higher Selves and spend time with ourselves, so we respond from and as presence.

Receiving our-Selves this way may not immediately make everything better, yet the more we practice, it will help us to be-come ever present with our emotions and patterns of thought, belief systems and judgments. In the light of clarity, new solutions and new questions appear, bringing hope and interpretation to what previously seemed hopeless and unanswerable.let go lao tzu

Sitting with ourselves for the first time, or the hundredth time, we can intend to lovingly, gently, peacefully and joyously meet the God within. That in and of itself puts Grace in motion… so we can let go …and let God.