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Note From Beloved Heartsong, Instructor and Director:

In over 35 years of spiritual practice, this is the most amazing healing work I have ever experienced! This work brings in very high frequency energies that are loving, gentle, powerful, palpable and life changing. The sessions and workshops often propel people forward into realizing their life path, passion and purpose and affords them a quantum leap in their spiritual growth from wherever they are!

LaHo-Chi (pronounced lah hoe chee) is a spiritual energetic laying-on-of-hands healing system which activates and enhances the life-force connection of the subtle energy field, the subtle energy bodies, and the higher dimensions of consciousness for the individual. LaHo-Chi activates and expands an awareness of the innate spiritual healing ability within the individual and provides methods to use this high vibrational healing energy for the healing of self and others on physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels.

As defined by Michael-David Lawrience (1991), “if one breaks down the name LaHo-Chi: ‘La’ refers to the light, love, and wisdom coming from God or Spirit through the healer or the vessel; ‘Ho’ is the energetic movement of this light, love, and wisdom through the subtle and physical bodies in a horizontal, vertical, and diagonal direction into the other person receiving the energy; and “Chi” is the Chinese term for life-force or “prana” in the east Indian system which brings more vitality, more life-force, and more spirit to the person. Chi is the Chinese term for universal energy. Other names for it are Vital Force, Orgone Energy, Elan Vital, and so on.” spiritual growth

The following information represents a sample of responses to commonly asked questions that were part of the original LaHo-Chi training transcripts by Satchamar on May 15, 1991 and by Michael-David Lawrience on July 19, 1991. spiritual growth

The LaHo-Chi energy is a high frequency consciousness, which activates chi lines in the individual. This consciousness is ultimately derived from universal life source or spirit. Satchamar stated that the guardian of this energy frequency referred to itself as the LaHo-Chi Master and that this technique is thousands of years old. According to Satchamar, the LaHo-Chi Master was a human being who reached Buddha consciousness after many lifetimes in ancient China and who attained his enlightenment through the mastery of working with various chi healing techniques. Although no longer on the physical plane, his consciousness is accessible through the LaHo-Chi energy vibration. This consciousness is the source that directs the energy during the healing and is a form of higher vibrational light (Satchamar, 1991). spiritual growth

The enlightened “collective” consciousness of the LaHo-Chi Master works through the super-conscious level to bring forth universal knowledge of the energies of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing, such as balancing of the life-force, energetic acupuncture, energetic essence of herbs, gemstone and color healing, as well as the therapeutic use of geometric forms. The energetic intelligence of the LaHo-Chi energy “lays out a blueprint” for the healing and works with the chi, or life-force of the body, by activating it and opening up the blocked acupuncture meridians. The meridians are pathways for the subtle energy to move through the physical body (Lawrience, 1991).

The LaHo-Chi Master is a spirit of consciousness that assists the healer and healee to connect with the super-conscious level. The healer is only a bridge or conduit for the healing. LaHo-Chi utilizes the “chi” or life-force to energetically restructure the blueprint of the etheric or vital body which then assists the human energy field to align and balance the physical body for greater health (Lawrience, 1991). spiritual growth

As Richard Gerber describes in his book, Vibrational Medicine, the etheric body contains the acupuncture meridian system, in which there are 14 major energy channels consisting of twelve organ meridian channels and two central channels. One of the central channels goes up the front of the body and the other goes up the back, then meeting underneath the top lip inside the mouth. Of the twelve organ meridians, there are six yang meridians and six yin meridians. The LaHo-Chi also utilizes these meridians to activate the life-force and to energetically balance the physical, etheric, emotional, and mental bodies and aligning them with the spiritual bodies of higher consciousness. The LaHo-Chi energy works with the person’s Higher Self by directing the energies needed at the time of the healing (Lawrience, 1991).

Commonly reported experiences of LaHo-Chi and Angel Light energy healing, are the lifting and dissolving of mental, emotional and physical pain and trauma, significant changes/improvements in self-empowerment, self-esteem, higher sense perception, clarity and emotional healing in relationships, and a greater sense of life purpose, a profound integrated sense of wholeness and unity with All life.

**(Above history taken from: Excerpt from Chapter 5: Review of Related Literature: Energy Medicine and Spiritual Healing from the doctoral dissertation “The Role of Spiritual Energetic Hands-On Healing and Psychosynthesis in Complementary Medicine” by Daniel Richard Watson, PhD, 1999)

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