History of LaHo-Chi


The supreme good is like water,
which nourishes all things without trying to…
When you are content to be simply yourself,
and don’t compare or compete,
everybody will respect you.
~Lao Tzu

In 1991, in Santa Monica, California, a spiritual teacher, named Satchamar, led a meditation and discussion group which met twice a day for most of a year. These meetings, called the Light Sessions, were made up of a core group of around 30 people seeking spiritual growth and development. The Light Sessions were an open group that comprised of a variety of backgrounds including psychotherapists, hypnotherapists, nurses, a medical public relations specialist, a legal secretary, television entertainment multidimensionalassistant, housewives, artists, energy healers, educators, massage therapists, and other spiritual-seeking individuals.  Two of these people were  Rio and Dan Watson, who devoted the next 15 years of their lives to taking LaHo-Chi out into the world. multidimensional

LaHo-Chi was brought forth on May 15, 1991, by Satchamar (formerly known as Fred Sailor). Satchamar was a native Californian who left for India in his early thirties to follow a 20 year spiritual path under the teachings of several spiritual teachers including Sathya Sai Baba and Meher Baba.  During a Light Session in February of 1991, Satchamar brought forth an energy healing method which he introduced as Angel Light Healing.  For several months the Light Session group practiced Angel Light healing on one another, friends, and family. multidimensional

On May 15th, during a private consultation, one of Satchamar’s students, Michael-David Lawrience, asked him if there was a more effective way of doing the healing work. Satchamar said “yes” and then orally transmitted the form of laying-on-of-hands which he called LaHo-Chi. The following weekend, Satchamar taught the first LaHo-Chi training to Michael-David and the other members of the Light Sessions. Satchamar communicated that the time was ready for more people from all walks of life to access their Higher Self and the wisdom of the higher dimensions of spiritual consciousness.  In this first training, he told the Light Session group that LaHo-Chi was to be taken out into to the world as a way of assisting humanity towards developing higher spiritual consciousness. The Light Session membership practiced LaHo-Chi daily, running the energy and building the matrix for LaHo-Chi and Angel Light energies; anchoring these energies into this dimension.

After this instruction, Michael-David was appointed to teach LaHo-Chi.  As he began to develop the LaHo-Chi trainings he spent the next two years taking the training out to the public and the matrix began to develop. Rio was a LaHo-Chi teacher in training during that time as well as an assistant, organizer, networker and marketing person.  Michael-David and Rio introduced LaHo-Chi to a variety of health care practitioners in southern California, including doctors, nurses, acupuncturists, chiropractors, massage therapists and bodyworkers.  There was very positive feedback from each of these various modalities.

 One in particular was a prominent leader in the acupuncture community, who reported experiencing a very strong synergistic effect when the LHC was combined with acupuncture.  To his surprise, it also elicited a profound emotional healing response.  Several other acupuncturists also noted increases of energy flows and positive responses with combined treatments of acupuncture and LaHo-Chi.  Chiropractors, nurses, and massages therapists also noticed significant healing responses in their patients.  The positive feedback received from such a wide range of health care practitioners helped to validate the effectiveness of LHC and greatly inspired the LaHo-Chi community.

During this time, Dan Watson devoted as much time as possible to the development of LaHo-Chi in addition to his massage practice, psychological counseling internship and graduate school program.  Also during this time, Dan helped the LaHo-Chi Institute design, write and apply for the first grant offered by the NIH (National Institute of Health) on alternative therapies.  During this process, LaHo-Chi was introduced to an even wider range of the medical and psychological communities of Los Angeles.

Paula Correia, another member of the Light Sessions and teacher of LaHo-Chi was instrumental in the creation of the LaHo-Chi Institute in 1991.  She also introduced LaHo-Chi to the medical community through an article she published in the Cedar Sinai hospital newsletter while she was employed there as a public relations director.

In 1992, Satchamar and his wife, Alla, had moved to New Mexico to start a spiritual retreat center and by 1993 the Light Session group was beginning to disband as its members each began to create their own individual missions and spiritual paths.  Dan and Rio expressed their interest in taking LaHo-Chi out into the world and the Institute was bestowed into their guardianship and for the next 15 years. During this time Dan and Rio taught LaHo-Chi throughout the United States, Austria and Germany. In 1995, Dan and Rio moved the Institute to North Carolina where they began building an international community that brought together a LaHo-Chi family and that now has over 1,000 members.

multidimensionalBeloved Heartsong took her first LaHo-Chi training in 1995 and immediately felt called to learn and teach this work.   Her inner knowing, awareness, inner vision and perception immediately became greatly expanded in her very first session of the training and continued to develop exponentially as she worked with the LaHo-Chi and Angel Light.

As a certified practitioner, she did private sessions for years, and was an assistant at  Rio and Dan’s trainings. Through the opening of her abilities with this work, Beloved spontaneously became a trance and later a conscious channel, bringing through multi-dimensional realms of understandings and teachings.  Through the years she has received volumes of writing, poetry and music.

Beloved taught trainings with Rio and Dan for years and then began teaching on her own in 2005.  Beloved moved to Mt. Shasta, CA in 2006 and usually offers 3-4 trainings there a year and several around the country as well. She is currently the only instructor for the Institute.

Rio Watson  transitioned on February 26, 2008. Although we may mourn what seems to be our physical loss, in our hearts we celebrate Rio, her life and legacy and her re-union with Source.

After Rio’s transition in 2008, Dan carried on teaching the workshops with the assistance of Mariana, without whom Dan would not have been able to continue this work. Mariana had already been assisting Dan and Rio during the previous year in their various businesses and continued to assist Dan with the LaHo-Chi, Sound, and Chakra workshops for the next two years. After this period of transition, Dan and Mariana were married in the summer of 2010. They then began building a new life path together incorporating LaHo-Chi into their integrative bodywork practice and began training to teach communication workshops for couples.

In 2012, Dan decided to pass his position as director of LaHo-Chi to Beloved, as she was clearly the person to assume this role. She has been a major force in the building of the LaHo-Chi matrix and spreading the LaHo-Chi energy from coast to coast. Her love, dedication and passion for LaHo-Chi over the years are apparent to all who know her.

Over the past 30+ years the LaHo-Chi matrix has been firmly grounded onto the planet and continues to grow. Today, Beloved and over 150 LaHo-Chi practitioners around the world now carry forth the mission of the LaHo-Chi Institute to which Dan and Rio had been so dedicated …providing tools and techniques to assist people in awakening and developing their innate ability to heal themselves and others and to be of service to humanity. Together, this world community of energy healers is dedicated to creating a bridge of light through compassion, spiritual awareness, empowerment and love!