Light body activation

Light body activation Note From Beloved About the Term “Healing”

Light Body activationI personally have mixed feelings about the term “Energy Healing”. Before I came to this work, the need for healing had for me, implied a lack of wholeness, sickness, less than full health and well-being. I believe we are already whole and the truth of our being is the part of us that is always connected to the Divine, as the One Heart, One Mind, One Light that we all are. And, we have free will which affords us the option to perceive through our senses and experience through our choices.

Once I experienced LaHo-Chi and Angel Light, I realized “healing” is the energy and Grace that restores our awareness and presence into the Full Truth of who we are. Basking in the blissful Grace of this high vibrational light body activation, we arrive back into our Higher Selves, our unchangeable awareness and presence beyond the body.This in turn balances, aligns, clears, rejuvenates and restores what has always been ours. “Healing” from this understanding, brings wellness, compassion, heart opening, love, inspiration, upliftment, joy and vitality. We can all use this kind of healing in our lives. What a blessing it is to learn this, use it and empower ourselves and others with it.

The Unified Field of Love that is the collective consciousness of God, Source, Spirit, Life Force, of the Ascended Masters, the Angelic Realms and ALL life in its infinite expressions, are always available and ready to support, lift, heal and bless our lives as we open to receive the love and truth and fullness of who we are. To experience this field, all we need do is call our attention, perception, heart and awareness to it. This Presence affords us true healing of our misperceptions and limited thoughts and beliefs. Light body activation,

We may perceive being separate from it, yet we are not. And, living in the truth and remembrance of this understanding holds all we do in a greater light. LaHo-Chi, Angel Light and all “Healing” modalities, as an energy “lives” within us and we within it as this Unified Field of Love. So, as you receive the “healing” session, whether you are conscious of it or not, you are participating by bringing your focus, attention and deeper awareness to being held and essentially “lifted” in the light, healing, and Grace of the Unified Field of Love. Light body activation,

This is why continuing to spend time receiving or giving energy work or “healing” often brings profound spiritual growth and opening. Miracles occur with regularity from this place- not only in healing sessions, but also as we choose to bring and hold our attention to integrate all of our life/lives within it and the unlimited possibilities of love. Light body activation,