Answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About LaHo-Chi

Who May Benefit from LaHo-Chi?
Everyone may benefit from LaHo-Chi. Clients come from all walks of life such as artists, actors, and musicians; business professionals including writers, attorneys, and entrepreneurs; health care professionals including nurses, massage therapists, chiropractors, acupuncturists, social workers, holistic healers, lightworkers, and intuitive readers; teachers, students, housewives, and any person wanting to awaken the healer within and/or exponentially expand current healing and spiritual abilities.

In these accelerated times, who could say that they would not benefit from reaching deeper states of true presence, relaxation, reduced stress levels, greatly enhanced physical energy, and a more expanded spiritual awareness? These are only a few of the benefits of experiencing the LaHo-Chi energy. Many people report profound positive changes in their perception and lives after receiving only a single LaHo-Chi session.

What Might I Expect to Experience in a Session?
Each LaHo-Chi experience is unique and personal. You will first find yourself in a deep state of relaxation and full body meditation, which in itself is quite therapeutic and healing. LaHo-Chi sessions may also release deep childhood traumas, mental, emotional and physical  blockages, and accelerate healing of physical ailments and disease. All of this is accomplished in a most gentle and supportive manner.

Many clients receive messages regarding their health and personal well-being. Still others experience a greater depth of spiritual connection. Clients have reported visitations and/or communications from Angels, Ascended Masters, their Higher Self, and other healing Spirit Guides, and have experienced the unconditional love energy of these beings. Many people often experience a profound acceleration in Light Body activation, increased perception of their personal energy field, and increased spiritual awareness. There is truly no limit to what can be experienced in a LaHo-Chi session as we are utilizing the Universal Life Force Energy. Nearly everyone finds themselves feeling more energized, relaxed, peaceful and rejuvenated as a direct result of the session.

How is LaHo-Chi Different from Reiki and other Spiritual Healing Energies?

Just as in all areas of life, there are different aspects, flavors, vibrations and avenues to experience and explore. We all find ourselves in the right place as we follow what calls to or resonates with us in any given moment. Trusting in what feels right for us in each moment is an important part of developing discernment within our inner guidance system.

Each individual, each flower, and everything in this universe is a unique individual expression and vibration of the Divine. We and all of life are here to fully express  the Divine within us. In essence, and true presence, we are One with each other and all life. We are simultaneously individual and universal vibrational frequencies of energy and light.

How Long is a Session and How Much Does a Session Cost?
The first session lasts approximately 2 hours. Included in the first session is an initial interview, followed by a 1 hour LaHo-Chi energy healing, and completing with discussion and recommendations. Cost and length of subsequent sessions vary according to the practitioner and the individual. Each session is individualized to address current healing issues and to compliment any other modalities of treatment that the individual may be receiving.

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✧Disclaimer: LaHo-Chi Energy Healing is a spiritual energetic healing system that may have a transformative effect upon a person’s subtle energy bodies. This is not a prescription for medical or psychiatric illness nor are there any medical or psychiatric claims made.