Angel Light

 spiritual graowth

Angel LightAngel Light is a gentle, nurturing energy that balances and aligns the energy centers in the physical, mental, emotional and subtle bodies. It is a terrific energy to use with animals, babies, children and the elderly.  Most people report feeling deep levels of peace and relaxation throughout their body and mind. It is also a great way to finish and complement LaHo-Chi and other modalities.

spiritual growth

Angel Light is always offered as part of the LaHo-Chi Training. It is also offered separately from trainings for groups and individuals and is always given freely. We have offered Angel Light to large groups in Unity Churches and other communities many times through the years. Once activated into this loving energy, you can then hold your own Initiation Ceremony to share it with others.  To host an Angel Light Activation & Initiation for your group, please contact Beloved.

If you have previously been activated into Angel Light and would like suport in holding your own ceremony, we can offer support in helping you create a successful event!

Angel Light