How to Fill the Space of Your Temple

Quan Y’in as Channeled Through Beloved Heartsong

originally published in Inner Change Online Magazine- June/July 2002

Beautiful ones, space within you holds light. Space without you holds light, but what else does it hold? It holds your thoughts and it holds your love. It holds your dreams and your fears. Think about what you wish to surround yourself with. If you could compose the inside of your frame, how would you build it? What would you place there? If you were starting as Creator, and you thought, “Here is this beautiful body, this being will live here, what shall I place inside? What will they need for their journey to accomplish their work?” What is it you would have placed inside your temple? Would you ever place a fear or a doubt or a negative judgment of another? Or, would you choose love and light and grace? Would you be gentle with yourself? Think about what is in the space of your body. What have you housed there? Is it time for Spring cleaning? Is it time for you to let go of your pain? Will you choose joy? Passion? Tenderness? A light heart?

It’s so easy. It takes no effort. The effort comes when you fight this—when you don’t allow it. Joy and love and this grace are the natural state of being. Anything less is of your own making—your own limits. I think it’s time to clean house.

 Everyday, as you arise, envision your temple and ask, “What can I do to love myself more today?” Ask what you can place within your temple. Give yourself all the gifts you see. Maybe there will be a jewel or a color, a piece of music that speaks to you—maybe the face of a loved one whom you wish to hold within your heart. Fill yourself with all of these things and start your day like this. And, at the end of the day when you go to sleep, before you close your eyes, ask, “What have I gathered along the way that needs to be released?” Don’t take it to bed. Don’t take it to your dreams. Release it first. Clear your temple. Create the sacred space within and without. As within ~ without.

As you clear your temple and keep it clear, you will notice the outer manifestations in your life become clearer, more loving, gentle and tender. The struggles won’t be so hard. The work won’t feel like work. Your imaginary world that is so easy and gentle and loving will be within—and once it is within, it can only be without. I ask you now to heed my words—to love yourselves enough to give yourselves this time and this gift. This space, the void that feels so gentle and comfortable, is first filled with your perception.

You can notice that those around you in joy look like they’re joyous. They have a resonance and a vibration and a light around them that shows the world they’re dancing and smiling. And those in pain are just as easy to see. You can look at yourself in your own mirror, and with love, ask yourself what kind of temple do you wish to reside in? How will you honor it and how will you nurture it? Don’t wait for rest when you need it now. Don’t wait to be gentle with yourself when you need it now.

There are so many ways you can take little steps to honor and nurture yourself. I ask you to begin to do this now. I ask you to embrace completely the love that you are. And manifest it not only in the areas of your life where you know you want to change, but manifest it at home—your home, your vehicle—in your heart and in your mind, with every breath. Guide yourself to what is best. Ask yourself if what you are doing is loving for you. Be in your own love and joy. There is nothing that is more important than the love that you give yourself and the honor that you can acknowledge within. ~ Namaste