LaHo-Chi Level I: Foundation and Activation


Continuing Education Provider             
NCBTMB – 23 CE Hrs.

NCCAOM – 22.5 CE Hour
CA Board of Acupuncture-23 Hrs.


From wonder into wonder, existence opens…
~ Lao Tzu

NCBTMB CE ProviderLaHo-Chi is a spiritual energetic laying-on-of-hands & remote healing energy. LaHo-Chi activates a multi-dimensional self-healing process of spiritual integration of body, mind, & spirit by accessing the subtle energetic pathways of the physical, emotional, mental, & spiritual energies of the body. In this process, the healer/facilitator serves as an unconditionally loving and powerful energetic conduit for the universal life-force energy. The purpose of this foundation training is to serve as a vehicle for personal transformation and self-healing, multi-dimensional light body activation, awakening higher spiritual consciousness, and to provide powerful and effective tools and techniques for facilitating healing with others. NCBTMB CE Provider

LaHo-Chi Foundation Training:

  • Awakens, enhances and expands multi-levels of innate healing abilities through a highly experiential blend of energy healing, education and sharing.
  • Light body activation of the neurological pathways that facilitate  a powerful energetic connection with  the divine light, love,  wisdom and Grace of your Higher Self and the Angelic and Ascended Masters realms.
  • Enables you to become a multi-dimensional vessel for receiving higher awareness, visions, knowing, guidance and transmissions directly.
  • Gentle and dynamic balancing of the human energy field within a supportive healing group vortex of unconditional love and heightened spiritual energy.
  • Greatly accelerates awareness of your spiritual path and purpose on Earth.
  • Bridge Heaven and Earth in this Modern day Mystery School as you access and rest in the  Grace of the Unified Field of Love.
  • Powerfully opens the heart and facilitates deep bonding with others, building lasting friendships and expanding spiritual community.

LaHo-Chi can be used by:

  • Any person from any walk of life for healing of body, mind, and emotions.

    Photo of Spinning Vortex in a LaHo-Chi Training

  • Beginning healers wanting to tap into their natural healing abilities.
  • Bodyworkers and professional healers to expand their healing gifts.
  • Alternative healthcare practitioners who want to add an advanced and complete system of healing for their own and their client’s benefit.


~See calendar for scheduled trainings~

Days & Times for the LaHo-Chi Trainings
Friday –  Sunday    9:00 AM – 7:00 PM

For info on where to eat, play and stay in Mt. Shasta:
Airports: RDD-Redding, CA (60 Min.) & MFR- Medford, OR (90 Min.)



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LaHo-Chi Level I Training-
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LaHo-Chi Level I Training – Payment Options Through PayPal

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