Healing Stories

Please Share Your
LaHo-Chi and/or Angel Light Healing Stories!

Kristin’s Story:

I was a new LaHo-Chi practitioner,(around 2006) with just 5 months under my belt when I ran into a dear friend on a Monday morning. She looked exhausted and when I asked what was happening, she told me that her husband broke his collar bone Saturday. She said “he is in so much pain and there is nothing the doctors can do for him besides put him in a sling to keep the arm stabilized”. I offered to run the LaHo~Chi on the break. She was delighted because I had worked with her son, who was considered legally deaf, for 4 sessions and he now only, occasionally, wears one hearing aid.

I went to the house and her husband answered the door. He had gone from a upbeat, powerfully expressive man to someone who could barely speak. He explained with tremendous effort that he could not sleep, eat, sit, stand, or move in any way , including brushing his teeth without excruciating pain. I asked him to find his most comfortable chair, a place where he could perhaps fall asleep. He was skeptical about any idea of sleep, but, he found his chair and I went to work. I placed my hands, ever so lightly, on the area of the break and within minutes, he was fast asleep.

My hands were ice cold for the full 45 minutes, which I had not experienced thus far in my practice. After the session, I woke him and asked him how he felt. He was astonished ~ there was NO pain!! I told him that, normally, I would not work on him again for three days, but, my instincts were telling me to see him tomorrow and we made an appointed time.

The next day, he answered the door with a huge smile and no sling on his arm. “Look, Kristin!”, he said excitedly, and he moved his arm from his side to a ninety degree angle, “No Pain!”. We did another 45 minute session and this time, my hands were on Fire. The heat was blasting away and I was sweating, but, my friends husband was sleeping quietly in his chair. When he woke, he was beyond excited ~ he now had full range of motion with no pain! It was Very exciting. He went back to his normal life as if no break had ever happened…
Kristin Ace, LaHo-Chi Practitioner, Mother and Actress
Morristown, NJ      www.kristinace.com 

Dorothea’s Story:

8/8/8 was a powerful energy day. I went with Beloved, Nancy Crystal and Ra El Remez to sacred  Panther Meadow on Mt. Shasta.  We spent the afternoon taking photos of each other with orbs and communing with nature.

Everyone decided to take the shortcut back to the car, and started walking over the rocks.   I lost my balance and fell down. The glass broke and I cut the side of my left hand, slicing it open below my pinky finger. Quickly, the women tied a piece of cloth around my hand, invoked  LaHo-Chi, and escorted me back to the car, and down the mountain to the emergency room at the local hospital.

Beloved, Nancy and  Ra El stayed with me the entire time.

From the time of the accident, we all ran LaHoChi transmissions of energy to the area. To my surprise, the nurse and doctor in the emergency were both women. I had 17 stitches placed in my hand, and here I was surrounded with the support of women.  Amazingly, I had no pain throughout the fall, the stitches and healing process and my hand healed completely and quickly.

I felt so vulnerable, and Beloved had me stay at her place for the night.  I felt so well taken care of. After a week I had the stitches removed from my hand. Full mobility and feeling returned quickly- still without pain.

I received a big healing on another level, too. In the past, women had been competitive with me when I wasn’t competitive with them. I had been betrayed by a few. The stories are not important, but the fact that I was so beautifully supported by women throughout this ordeal was the point.

The lesson was to learn to open and receive. LaHoChi works on so many levels – and the physical is a mirror for issues being released and healed. I was very grateful to Beloved, Nancy, and Ra El for being with me, and the scar is a reminder of the gifts I received from the experience.

Dorothea Joyce, LaHo-Chi Assistant, Mt. Shasta, CA
Recording Artist, Author and Sound Healer

 Beloved’s Story:

Summer of 1995-
I was very impressed and excited when I first started using this energy on my three young children. When having trouble going to sleep, they would fall asleep almost immediately after I put my hands on them and invoked the energy. There were numerous times when they were hurt and crying and LaHo-Chi cut the crying time in half!

Once, in a grocery store parking lot, when my son Ryan was 5 years old, his hand was accidentally smashed in the van door- it closed on all 4 fingers. Of course he screamed and was in great pain. I immediately cupped my hands around his hurt hand and invoked the energy. After about 5 minutes, he said he was O.K. and wanted to go in the store. I went in to get an ice pack and when I got it and took it to him, I asked for  his hand and he looked at both of them and couldn’t remember which hand had been smashed!! There was never any bruising or sign of injury! I was very, very,  impressed!

Beloved Heartsong, Director & Instructor of the LaHo-Chi Institute of Energy Healing
Mt. Shasta, CA

Shoshannah’s Story Nov. 2011:

Shoshannah’s cat was dying and she requested remote LaHo-Chi from the list of LaHo-Chi students.  She wrote back a couple of days later, “Shanti, our cat has returned home last night from the animal hospital and he is holding his own.The vet admitted she hasn’t seen a recovery like this. According to his blood work he wasn’t coming home but he’s had an amazing turn around. She can’t understand it. I said it must all the people that have been praying for him. She said it’s got to be something. He’s still recovering, but eating, bright eyed and happy to be home. We are so grateful for all of the prayers, for everyone that has held space and sent healing, love and light. Thank you so much!”
Shoshannah Born, Ashland Oregon

Sabenah’s Story Nov. 2011: 

I had a remote healing request for the LaHo-Chi list for a woman named Sabenah who was in the hospital with a severe infection in her eye. She was told she would lose her eye completely that very day if something drastic didn’t happen to shift things. Well, we did it! We made a huge difference-below is the note my friend sent when I asked him how she was doing.
Our loving energy DOES make a positive difference for All.

Sabenah responded amazingly well to all the healing prayers. The doctors were astonished that she made such good progress. They were sure she would lose her eye. Now she is able to see well enough to drive and the infection is fully gone. Not only that, but her vision is now remarkably better than it was before this incident! She thanks everyone involved in the healing from her heart deeply and I do as well.  Blessings to all for such a profound group dedicated in service.

Tiffany’s Story from 2000:

The same weekend I took my first LaHo-Chi Training, my partner’s biological father was in a coma  with a ventilator and feeding tube in place to sustain him. He was not given much of a chance to live and there were plans to “pull the plug” on Sunday morning. His wife had already made the funeral arrangements.

When I came home from the training on Saturday night, I offered to do a remote LaHo-Chi healing session for him, using my partner as the surrogate. She agreed, and we did the full session. She was peaceful during the session, and I had flashes of her as a little girl in a green dress playing and dancing around on the side of the road. I had the sensation that her father was watching her.

 On Monday we learned that Sunday morning, her father had woken up out of his coma and called his wife to come get him. She didn’t believe it was him and thought it was a prank call! (She thought he was already dead.) The doctors left his feeding tube in his stomach for a week or more because they were skeptical about his recovery. (He was mowing the lawn with his feeding tube in his stomach at one point!)

It is good to remember the intense healing power of this energy work and I believe it is based in pure love. The power of love is truly amazing!

Tiffany Landers, Durham, NC