Effective Prayer

~By Beloved Heartsong

originally published in Inner Change Online Magazine-
April/May 2003


It seems there is so much to pray for
and so many who “need” our prayers!


Through the very act of calling forth divine intervention, it may be that we are overlooking a very important fundamental truth.

We are all One.
So if…. We are all One
and one with All,
we are already
that which we seek.
Nothing is outside us. The love we seek is within.The abundance we grasp for   never left us, and…the peace we dream of is a state of being. And, by living and understanding this, we can all know the joy of the universal, inner magic that can be accessed through the divine inner dialogue and relationship of self with Source.

Whether we are praying for ourselves or others, for many, praying is a statement of desire and many do not realize this wanting implies lack. As the universe responds to our thoughts with a mighty “YES!”, our statements of longing/lack keep us from that which we desire most. We draw to ourselves that state which we affirm, our wanting. If we will only remember that we ARE the same creative force and love that animates the universe, we can redirect our prayers and intentions to responsibly manage our own thoughts and energy; thereby creating our lives from a place of empowerment.

Empowerment lies in the level of responsibility we are willing to take for ourselves. Do we believe in our own divinity? Do we trust what we believe? Do we know ourselves as truth? Are we willing to be the love and the peace we seek for ourselves and the world? Are we willing to model this level of integrity for our children and each other? Can we follow the song of our own heart with joy, passion and conviction?

If we truly have faith and believe in the power of prayer as setting conscious intention, then we only need state it once. We know by affirming our power as divine beings that we have set a desired course in motion. We have all heard, “So BE it!” This is what that means. I add, So LIVE it!! And then, the next step is letting go in trust. We do not need to re-focus on our prayer, because it is already done. All we need do is carry on with our lives, knowing that what is for the highest good of All WILL occur.

During a meditation a few months ago, I saw before me the word “HOPE” and I heard the meaning of it: Heaven Opens the Path Effortlessly. I really like that. Hope is not wishing something will be true. Hope is trusting in the flow of divine timing, guidance and perspective. How comforting it is to release the need to direct everything! Life in the conscious flow of hope totally supports effective prayer.

 Often we pray for what we believe is best for a situation or another. But, can we truly know what is best for someone else? The gift of prayer is in offering our hearts and energy to support that which serves the highest good of All~ THAT which already IS ~ And the beauty of this gift is we don’t have to know what it is and we don’t have to manage it. It is simply for us to let it go. The act of flowing our love in support of what best serves All IS the gift.