Rainbow Rio

In Loving Memory of Rio Watson, Co-Founder of the LaHo-Chi Institute Rio Watson

Rio Watson  transitioned on February 26, 2008. Although we may mourn what seems to be our physical loss, in our hearts we celebrate Rio, her life and legacy and her re-union with Source. Rio Watson

In her many roles as international healer, teacher, event organizer, and consultant, she served as an inspirational mentor, friend, and guide for communities worldwide. She leaves behind a legacy of extraordinary healing and compassionate spirit which has assisted thousands of people to come together in consciousness on behalf of healing themselves and the planet. It was her deepest desire to help create greater spiritual community worldwide in service to humanity.

Rio also had an artistic side she had developed during her years as a fashion designer. In the years just before her transition, she had begun painting with watercolors and produced a series of works between 2004-2007. After her transition, Dan made her art pieces into a series of art cards entitled “Rio Art Cards: Series of Thirteen”. Rio Watson

Sun Heart Spirals by Rio Watson

“Blossom like a flower,
hold your face to the sun,
Love is where we’re going,
and where we’ve come from.
As the current takes you,
it’s love you become…. “

Excerpt from the song,
“As the Current Takes You”,
on the Forever Love CD by
Beloved Heartsong