Dan Watson Co-Founder

Dan Watson, PhD, LMBT, LaHo-Chi Institute Co-Founder
Psychologist, Energy Healer, Massage Therapist and Bodyworker

dan watson

For the past 30 years, Dan has been an international energy healing instructor, and integrative healthcare researcher of energy medicine and transpersonal psychology. He has been teaching and practicing wellness enhancement modalities including massage, guided imagery, meditation chakra and sound healing since 1988. One of Dan’s main intentions has been to bring a greater awareness of the physical and psychological benefits of spiritual energy healing to the mainstream, as well as a greater spiritual awakening in the fields of medicine and psychology. Dan Watson

Dan Watson

Before she passed away in 2008, he and his first wife, Rio, traveled throughout the United States and Europe assisting others in Light Body Activation and Soul Awakening through the use of full spectrum frequency energies, including the highly effective LaHo-Chi and Angel Light hands-on healing, remote healing and vocal toning. Dan Watson

Another interest and passion of Dan and Rio’s was Damanhur, an extraordinary Intentional Community in the foothills of NW Italy. For six years they led tours to this cutting edge community that held preventative medicine, energy healing, and a holistic lifestyle and as part of their basic foundation. Dan Watson

In 2006, Dan and Rio met a woman named Mariana through their mutual interest in Damanhur. Mariana assisted Dan and Rio in their many endeavors and after Rio’s transition, she assisted Dan with the LaHo-Chi workshops and administration for several years. In 2010, Dan and Mariana were married and began a new life together …
Dan Watson

Today they live in Hendersonville, NC, where they practice and research the integration of massage and advanced bodywork, integrating neuro-muscular therapy, myo-fascial release, structural balancing … and of course, LaHo-Chi! They are also developing communication workshops for couples entitled the “Blueprint of We.” Dan Watson

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