Awakening & Communicating With the Spirit of YOU!

~ by Beloved Heartsong

Learning how to communicate clearly, effectively and comfortably with our inner voice, Higher Self, God, universal life force, angels, ascended masters, Higher cosmic intelligence, is the most important work we can do. Who we are in our lives, relationships and out in the world can be greatly enhanced, directed and supported in gentle, powerful, loving and healing ways as we understand and become empowered from our own clear inner wisdom and guidance.

From this place, we know we are not alone. We see, think and feel differently- we are confident and secure in knowing we are all the infinite essence of God. We are available to show up for ourselves and each other in very powerful ways as we know we have constant love, support and guidance in all we do. Our integrity with ourselves and all life grows to embrace the understanding we are all One~ What we think and do affects All.

Each being has the responsibility to themselves to live the love, joy and dreams encoded deep within their heart. This is how your sacred contract is deciphered and carried out. The encoding of it lives in your cellular structure and in your truest knowing. A life that denies the heart’s calling is a life of inner disappointment and struggle –which in turn creates dis-ease and blocks the flow of the synchronistic river of joyous, effortless creation. Have you ever heard anyone say, “I am sorry I followed my heart’s joy?”

If you will listen and heed the direction, your heart and your body have the innate intelligence and wisdom to guide you from wherever you are in any given moment, to your natural home base- to the next step that will create health, harmony, balance, flow, peace and joy for you.

The more connected you are to yourself; your guidance, your core beliefs, emotions, desires, dreams, etc., the easier it is to receive and clearly understand your guidance and make conscious decisions about how to move forward and create successfully in all the parts of your life.

Many people have told me they don’t know what would make them happy, they don’t know how to listen, they don’t even know where to start. They don’t even remember the last time they felt truly happy inside. Sometimes it takes baby steps and the process of teaching yourself how to make yourself smile with very simple choices- each day; each moment.

A few years ago, I received through guidance, the outline for a workshop that would assist people to come home to their heart’s inner knowing and develop their higher guidance and intuitive communication skills. I was directed to develop a way to teach it joyously so that people would be able to find Home within themselves and the universe in a more powerful way. I love to share this work with people, and have witnessed the powerful shifts of consciousness within many through the years. I took it myself before I offered to anyone else and realized it was something I could continue to use throughout life- continuously lifting me to greater levels of clarity within myself. The process is simple, can easily be carried forth into the rest of your life, and creates profound opening within the individual for direct, comfortable and clear communication with Self and how we move through life.

I encourage and invite anyone who feels they would like to develop these skills to join me as I joyously share the blessing of this work.