Awakening & Communicating With the Spirit of YOU!

~ by Beloved Heartsong

Learning how to communicate clearly, effectively and comfortably with our inner voice, Higher Self, God, universal life force, angels, ascended masters, Higher cosmic intelligence, is the most important work we can do. Who we are in our lives, relationships and out in the world can be greatly enhanced, directed and supported in gentle, powerful, loving and healing ways as we understand and become empowered from our own clear inner wisdom and guidance.

From this place, we know we are not alone. We see, think and feel differently- we are confident and secure in knowing we are all the infinite essence of God. We are available to show up for ourselves and each other in very powerful ways as we know we have constant love, support and guidance in all we do. Our integrity with ourselves and all life grows to embrace the understanding we are all One~ What we think and do affects All.

Each being has the responsibility to themselves to live the love, joy and dreams encoded deep within their heart. This is how your sacred contract is deciphered and carried out. The encoding of it lives in your cellular structure and in your truest knowing. A life that denies the heart’s calling is a life of inner disappointment and struggle –which in turn creates dis-ease and blocks the flow of the synchronistic river of joyous, effortless creation. Have you ever heard anyone say, “I am sorry I followed my heart’s joy?”

If you will listen and heed the direction, your heart and your body have the innate intelligence and wisdom to guide you from wherever you are in any given moment, to your natural home base- to the next step that will create health, harmony, balance, flow, peace and joy for you.

The more connected you are to yourself; your guidance, your core beliefs, emotions, desires, dreams, etc., the easier it is to receive and clearly understand your guidance and make conscious decisions about how to move forward and create successfully in all the parts of your life.

Many people have told me they don’t know what would make them happy, they don’t know how to listen, they don’t even know where to start. They don’t even remember the last time they felt truly happy inside. Sometimes it takes baby steps and the process of teaching yourself how to make yourself smile with very simple choices- each day; each moment.

A few years ago, I received through guidance, the outline for a workshop that would assist people to come home to their heart’s inner knowing and develop their higher guidance and intuitive communication skills. I was directed to develop a way to teach it joyously so that people would be able to find Home within themselves and the universe in a more powerful way. I love to share this work with people, and have witnessed the powerful shifts of consciousness within many through the years. I took it myself before I offered to anyone else and realized it was something I could continue to use throughout life- continuously lifting me to greater levels of clarity within myself. The process is simple, can easily be carried forth into the rest of your life, and creates profound opening within the individual for direct, comfortable and clear communication with Self and how we move through life.

I encourage and invite anyone who feels they would like to develop these skills to join me as I joyously share the blessing of this work.

Answering the Call

~ by Beloved Heartsong

So often we go to battle with ourselves- our minds, hearts, bodies and Spirit odds with each other. Each aspect of Self seems to be trying to manipulate and win the others over, talking us into things or holding us back, or seeking answers from others when we can’t seem to get clear within ourselves. We all know this dynamic. The good news is…Uncertainty can be guidance, too.

Sounds strange, I know, but the lack of clarity often signals a time of needing to wait and be patient and let life unfold and flow. Forcing isn’t flow. Grasping isn’t flow. Fear isn’t flow. Patient observation and the honoring of what wants to move and what wants to wait within brings the awareness and discernment of right timing. Your body and heart optimally work together – no need to struggle. If we aren’t sure, we aren’t sure. That’s really an OK place to be- but it feels unsettling and out of control for many people. Being comfortable with the uncertainty is a cocoon that offers a necessary period of gestation. The birthing of our ideas and next steps in growth will awaken and grow in divine timing and order.

Sometimes, we just don’t give ourselves permission to leap into what we desire.

Sometimes our fears and past programming tell us we aren’t deserving or that we are selfish. Yet, how many of us have been taught to believe that our hearts, feelings, self love and responsibility to our own life path are not only important, but a top priority and are to be honored? Usually, we are taught the “shoulds” of life…. I once had a friend who used to say, “Don’t should on me!” I like that- I like it a lot- because, shoulds are burdens we need not carry. They ride in the same cart as guilt and being trained to be “nice”. Why isn’t being true and authentic with ourselves and each other more desirable?

Whoever we choose to be and become, we can honor the inner flow and knowing that sets us on the course of discovery with ease and Grace that develops the fullness of our Spirit. Right use of will – being true to ourselves- the God within, creates the universal support and providence that blesses and lifts All. I encourage you to remember to be a blessing unto yourself and become your own Beloved.

Our Gift to Our Children & Their Future

by Beloved Heartsong

Published in Durham/Chapel Hill Herald Sun  Dec. 6, 2005
Originally published in Inner Change Magazine- August/September 2002

There is a discrepancy between the perception of what a child is through the eyes of an adult, and the truth of who they really are. This vast sea of perception is the mass consciousness we all draw upon and replenish. Within this infinite spectrum of understanding comes the foundation of self -love or self- hatred for every child. There is no such thing as a thought that doesn’t matter – we all add to this cosmic soup with all we do.

The future of our children is shaped and molded by our thoughts and beliefs; fears, judgments, doubts, limitations, anger, faith, trust and hope. The foundation of truth we all share is ever present in this constant creation. Our greatest gift to our children, the children of the world and ourselves is to summon forth the courage to be present in love. What does this mean? Well, first it means to let go of the past. While focusing on the past, you hold yourself in thoughts of doubt, fear, lack and pain- you aren’t trusting in the infinite well of loving abundance that is yours in every moment.

Second, if you are focusing on the future, you are also not present. If you spend too much time projecting your dreams and wishes, you are not allowing the ever flowing current of unfolding Grace to bless your path. This effortless gift of gentle being is found in the Now- in each moment.

Thirdly, being present in love is a conscious choice. It is not only choosing to embrace each moment fully and to be and remain here now, but it is also the choice to open and share your heart to and with all. It is to act with conscious intention instead of reacting. Many of us have been taught that strength is lost in vulnerability. We confuse healthy boundaries with defensive emotional walls. The strength that comes through vulnerability is flexible- bending and yielding, and is based upon faith, hope and trust. It is founded in the flowing, unconditional heart. To build a world of love, and peace, children must be “presented”; i.e. “gifted” with this outlook and belief system. Dreams of peace, and the ideas and inspirations of understanding, joy and love that are so necessary to create a world where children feel safe, comfortable and can thrive are fostered and enhanced through the gift of “loving presence”.

How we determine the efficacy of our shared intentions in this process, is through the way our children respond in the world. Where there is darkness we know to bring light. If we want peace and gentleness out in the world, we must first have it within ourselves and within our families. For as within; without. The reflection our children offers to us is a clear guide as to where our work remains. The gift of love and gentleness to the world is built and supported by open, caring hearts. And, we can only be responsible for our own. The example we give in the way we choose to live our lives is the most powerful tool for effective change and is the most determining factor in our children’s future. We can not pretend it is anyone else’s responsibility.

Whether we have children of our own or not, we are all part of the same family and share the same world. If we take the time to ask ourselves what kind of splash we wish to make in this world, and open our hearts to live our lives in accordance with our dreams, we will have created the perfect launching pad into the future. Let us choose to give the greatest gift of all to our children and to ourselves; to put our gentle, joyous, and loving hearts in motion.

Coming Home

~By Beloved Heartsong

“Oh my Beloved,
Kindness of the heart,
Breath of life,
I bow to you.
And, I’m coming home.”

From Snatam Kaur’s chant “Ong Namo” on her CD entitled “Grace”.

We are so hungry; so desirous. We are consumers; our thirst is unquenchable and our longing unconsumed. How will we fill the seeming unfillable void within? Nothing seems to satisfy our longing and ravenous hunger for very long.

The only way to become satiated, full, overflowing, quenched and released from the search is to come home. “Come home to what?”, you may ask- especially if you feel empty. Come home to yourself…to God…to truth…to your heart…the infinite voice of the divine within you…the Beloved. God is love.

We are all the beauty and wondrous majesty of the Beloved. As we remember this, believe it and live it, we come home, knowing we are love, we are love, we are love.

The question is, do we trust love? Do we trust God?

As we and all life are God in infinite form, divine aspects of the One, will we choose to remember this as we live each day? Oh, to remember, see and honor the divine in all life and remember that God is love ; we are God; we are love. Each level of knowing brings such sweetness. Yet, do we trust the love we are? We often trust Spirit to show up in some ways- like in a sunset or a sunrise, but what about at work, in confrontation, pain, or in another’s eyes?

The Beloved is us, every bit of us; the parts we accept and the parts we reject or deny. And, all we reject and deny and push under, surfaces in the infinite forms of the Beloved within us and outside of us. The reflection shows up in illness, depression, in those who push our buttons and in world conflict; reminding us over and over again, until we truly re-member.

“Coming home” is a conscious choice in every moment. It’s a choice to re-member ourselves into wholeness- into the ultimate fulfillment of all our hunger and longing; divine union.

“Oh my Beloved”, Oh my God, my Self-

“Kindness of the heart”~ We all arrive here encoded with our sacred contract, life path and directions Home, in our hearts. The joy and cosmic cradle of our own hearts is where we all can truly trust and rest. As we pursue the joy of our deepest heart, we find it is the most loving and honoring gift we can give to ourselves and to all of life. Each of us can choose to hold as sacred, this responsibility to come home to ourselves and bask in this self loving kindness, knowing it as the profound work of each blessed soul.

“Breath of life…”

The passion and purpose in our heart’s joy fuels and gives breath to our lives. What we create from this deep joy, blesses, balances and harmonizes all life. As each of us follows our own heart, we become beacons, support, inspiration and permission for others to do the same. One or many at a time, we step and leap into the higher frequencies of love and joy- being and becoming who we came to be~ the expression of God/ love we are.

“I bow to you”

“Namaste”, we say~ I honor the divine within myself and I honor the divine with each and every One. We bow to the God within and the God in each face, in all of life~ in every flower, every creature, every breath, every breeze and sunrise. How deeply grateful we can be in every moment as we see and acknowledge the God in all life, reflecting to us the honor, respect, gratitude and love we all deserve and helping us release judgment. We don’t have to pretend, participate in fear, lack, doubt, shame, manipulation and lies. Who we are as we bow to True Self is divinity recognizing itself. Telling the truth to ourselves and others sets us free because it brings the light of love to the places within ourselves where it’s been withheld. Whatever we deny within, we disown and dishonor. As we illuminate our shadow, we can then bow to it in honor of the lessons and gifts it affords us.

“I’m Coming Home”

When we forget to see and honor and participate with the divine within, we become hungry for that which is outside of us and can never fill us. As be bow to the divine within, we align with truth, all searching is over and we come home. Home is where the heart is. We’ve all heard that one. I say, “Home is where the heart lives.” We create and manifest the fulfillment of all dreams, longing and desires as we choose in each moment and moment and moment again, to be the God we are~ living love, being love, opening to love, breathing love, trusting love, bowing to love, coming home to love.

Coming home is a choice in perception. We do not “need” love. We need to remember we are love. We are the lover.
We are the Beloved and we have always been home.

Each day we can open softer and wider and reaffirm ~

“Oh my Beloved…Kindness of the Heart,
Breath of Life, I bow to you.
And, I’m coming home…
I’m coming home.”


How to Fill the Space of Your Temple

Quan Y’in as Channeled Through Beloved Heartsong

originally published in Inner Change Online Magazine- June/July 2002

Beautiful ones, space within you holds light. Space without you holds light, but what else does it hold? It holds your thoughts and it holds your love. It holds your dreams and your fears. Think about what you wish to surround yourself with. If you could compose the inside of your frame, how would you build it? What would you place there? If you were starting as Creator, and you thought, “Here is this beautiful body, this being will live here, what shall I place inside? What will they need for their journey to accomplish their work?” What is it you would have placed inside your temple? Would you ever place a fear or a doubt or a negative judgment of another? Or, would you choose love and light and grace? Would you be gentle with yourself? Think about what is in the space of your body. What have you housed there? Is it time for Spring cleaning? Is it time for you to let go of your pain? Will you choose joy? Passion? Tenderness? A light heart?

It’s so easy. It takes no effort. The effort comes when you fight this—when you don’t allow it. Joy and love and this grace are the natural state of being. Anything less is of your own making—your own limits. I think it’s time to clean house.

 Everyday, as you arise, envision your temple and ask, “What can I do to love myself more today?” Ask what you can place within your temple. Give yourself all the gifts you see. Maybe there will be a jewel or a color, a piece of music that speaks to you—maybe the face of a loved one whom you wish to hold within your heart. Fill yourself with all of these things and start your day like this. And, at the end of the day when you go to sleep, before you close your eyes, ask, “What have I gathered along the way that needs to be released?” Don’t take it to bed. Don’t take it to your dreams. Release it first. Clear your temple. Create the sacred space within and without. As within ~ without.

As you clear your temple and keep it clear, you will notice the outer manifestations in your life become clearer, more loving, gentle and tender. The struggles won’t be so hard. The work won’t feel like work. Your imaginary world that is so easy and gentle and loving will be within—and once it is within, it can only be without. I ask you now to heed my words—to love yourselves enough to give yourselves this time and this gift. This space, the void that feels so gentle and comfortable, is first filled with your perception.

You can notice that those around you in joy look like they’re joyous. They have a resonance and a vibration and a light around them that shows the world they’re dancing and smiling. And those in pain are just as easy to see. You can look at yourself in your own mirror, and with love, ask yourself what kind of temple do you wish to reside in? How will you honor it and how will you nurture it? Don’t wait for rest when you need it now. Don’t wait to be gentle with yourself when you need it now.

There are so many ways you can take little steps to honor and nurture yourself. I ask you to begin to do this now. I ask you to embrace completely the love that you are. And manifest it not only in the areas of your life where you know you want to change, but manifest it at home—your home, your vehicle—in your heart and in your mind, with every breath. Guide yourself to what is best. Ask yourself if what you are doing is loving for you. Be in your own love and joy. There is nothing that is more important than the love that you give yourself and the honor that you can acknowledge within. ~ Namaste

Vibrational Healing Through Sound

Reawaken the most sacred instrument of sound – yourself!

by Dan Watson, Ph.D.

We are in an age of accelerated spiritual growth which calls for accelerated healing measures that bring the human energy field in alignment with our physical body. Utilizing the voice to produce sound vibration is one such healing modality. As higher dimensional frequencies of light are becoming more available to the human consciousness on planet Earth, we humans require more advanced healing technologies to more effectively adapt and function within the Earth’s accelerating energy grid system.

One way that we can greatly be of assistance to this process is to do the clearing work on ourselves so that we may act as dynamic and clear acupuncture points moving along the chi meridians of the Earth. In essence we are living, breathing, walking, and talking conduits of energy and the higher spiritual beings have been and continue to send information to assist us in reawakening the knowledge of our greater purpose to serve as sacred human energy sites or vortexes for the planet.

Make Intuitive Sound
My first reawakening occurred during a massage training course when I was instructed to intuitively tone into another student’s body, letting my whole body guide me and not just my mind’s idea of what sound I should make. Although there are many effective systems of sound healing, both ancient and modern, the key component is the way in which the healer is able to intuitively utilize a particular system to address the uniqueness of each individual. For example, someone working on clearing issues related to emotional pain in the area of the heart chakra may need lower or higher frequencies of sound vibration to accommodate to the healing process within the layers of trauma or pain around the heart and the memories stored within these layers.

Explore Tonal Vibrations
My next of many re-memories of using vocal sounds came a few days after first meeting Rio when she introduced me to a free-form style of toning centered around high pitched tones used to open channels of energy and clear dense thought forms very quickly. Having had this experience I began to appreciate the vast range of healing frequencies that the human voice was capable of producing. At this point, a few months later, my higher self was ready for me to learn a more formalized system of tones working with the seven major chakras or energy centers of the human body. Using a system developed by Jim Berenholtz from his shamanic work worldwide, Rio and I began experiencing a tremendous expansion in our personal growth, especially on spiritual and emotional levels. Throughout the years, our knowledge of using harmonics and overtones as healing tools greatly increased after experiencing the work of Jonathan Goldman, a musician/sound healer/researcher, and we recommend that people begin exploring whatever system or systems of sound healing they feel attracted to and to begin using their bodies as a sacred instrument of sound.

Vocal Healing Powers Rediscovered

We are only recently beginning to acknowledge the healing powers of vocal toning as one of the most powerful forms of natural and holistic healing on this planet. The masters of the Ancient Mystery Schools realized the true power of sound to bring healing and transformation within the subtle energy anatomy of the human body.

Developed and practiced by master healers in the Ancient Mystery Schools of Egypt, Rome, Greece, Tibet, India and other centers of esoteric learning, sound was a highly advanced science based upon an understanding of vibration as the primary causative form of the universe. Through toning, or using the voice as an instrument for healing, these healers would use vowel sounds, harmonics, and overtones to vibrate, awaken, activate, release, balance, express, clear, redirect and allow the energy channels to vitalize the physical, etheric, emotional, and mental bodies for advanced spiritual functioning within the physical form.

In over twenty years of working with toning as a vehicle for healing, by itself and integrated with spiritual energetic healing and massage, I have found toning to be the most powerfully direct and focused healing technique we have experienced. In relationship to the various modalities of healing that we use, we can best describe vocal sound technology as analogous to laser light, wherein less than a minute of a gentle tone can open and release energetic blocks that have been held in the body for years and even lifetimes.

We Are Harmony
As we more fully acknowledge our oneness with the Universal Life Force that animates us all, we can begin to appreciate and benefit from various gems within each system of healing, some more than others and each new experience broadening our perception of the larger picture of the natural order of harmonic frequencies that exist between and inside us.

And as we begin rediscovering the natural order of harmony and the sacred spiritual connection between ourselves and All That Is. People across the world are making steps towards healing the planet and through learning how to honor and use sound as a sacred form of healing and communication we can build an energetic matrix capable of tapping us in fully to the Universal Life Force Internet or World Wide Energy Web.

Awakening to Your Light Body Within

by Dan Watson, Ph.D.

~First published in the January 2000 issue of
Inner Change Magazine

“Many people are searching for the ‘missing something’ in their lives, hoping to find what is lost. Within a therapy context, the experiential therapies seem to hold much promise in offering an in-depth process of releasing and healing wounds. This is because they engage the sensory and feelings levels and help uncover the truth of what is real.” – Sara Jane Stokes, in Don Campbell’s Music and Miracles


Planet Earth is moving through an accelerated spiritual birthing process and the consciousness of all life forms is being accelerated into greater awareness—into the consciousness of Light. We humans are also birthing into a unified field of Light consciousness individually and as a group. As we begin utilizing various vibrational healing technologies and integrate them into our daily lives, we can experience the spiritual evolution of our “Light Body” consciousness in a more grounded and more fully functioning way. Through various energy healing technologies, we also can tap more fully into the self-healing potential within our personal human energy field that animates our physical existence and simultaneously anchors cosmic consciousness into the earth.

Our bodies are biocrystalline points of light that may be activated to assist in the evolution of the planet and humankind. The choice is ours as to whether we will be clear conduits for the incoming frequencies of light from the universe or vibrational irritants that disrupt the earth’s development and our own growth. One of the main keys in the evolution the spiritual consciousness of humankind is through the development of our sensory and feeling abilities, especially higher sense perception of subtle energies. Subtle energies are simply the interacting higher frequencies of vibration and/or consciousness that connect and interpenetrate everything within the universe.

We have the innate potential to develop higher sense perception of the multidimensional nature within our own consciousness and the universe. One of the first steps is an awakening to our spiritual existence within the universe. Within the last decade, we have witnessed an explosion of spiritual awareness unprecedented in human history. Perhaps we are becoming aware of an unveiling of a “Light Body archetype” within the collective unconscious, which appears to have recently begun physically manifesting on a global scale and at an exponential rate.

One of the biggest challenges for this emerging era of integrative medicine is to create a new vocabulary or lexicon of words that can be effectively used to integrate the spiritual knowledge of the ancient cultures and the modern spiritual energy healing technologies with the Western conventional model of medicine. Terms such as chakra, aura, energy field, energy healing, and energy medicine are just some of the words that have slowly begun gaining familiarity by mainstream medicine and the public alike. Being that the subject of spiritual energy healing is has very little “scientific” proof to explain what it is and how it works, perhaps we could begin exploring the existing literature and take on “face value” the “real-life” experiences of individuals and practitioners of energy healing modalities. The intention of this article is to present some terms that may be helpful to the body of information regarding energy healing.

Light Body Activation

What is the Light Body and what is Light Body Activation? Basically the Light Body is the human energy field essence that animates our physical form as we are each a point of consciousness of the Universal Life Force energy, Divine Consciousness, God or Spirit. As described by Katreena Kremer, in her booklet “A Primer for the Light Body Activation,” the Light Body “relates to the higher frequency energy fields that lie deep within the infrastructure of the Self and the Cosmos” and she describes Light Body Activation as the “current global process by which the functioning of the Light infrastructure deep within the core of the self is re-established. This Light aspect of the self is of such a vibratory frequency that it interacts with dimensions beyond our usual reality. The self, in so far as it de-densifies itself and harmonizes with the new vibratory frequencies, undergoes conscious initiation. That is, initiation into a state of being that interacts with dimensions beyond the third dimension.”

There are a wide range of spiritual practices and experiences which can be used as keys for consciously tapping into the Light Body Activation process sometimes referred to as the “ascension process”. What makes this point in our history so unique is that this process is occurring on a global scale and through the evolving global communication systems, especially the world wide web, has come an unprecedented potential for a global conscious initiation. As the de-densification of human consciousness reaches critical mass, we may be able to truly begin to “walk between the worlds” of other dimensions.

LaHo-Chi Spiritual Energy Healing

In my experience, the most powerful of these keys, which can help us nurture and expand this process, is the ancient art of spiritual hands-on healing. In the last eight years of practicing and working across the country and Europe, with hundreds of people from all walks of life in both individual and group settings and with practitioners of various healing backgrounds, I have found LaHo-Chi to be one of the most powerful and multidimensionally transformative types of spiritual energetic hands-on healing. LaHo-Chi, like many forms of spiritual energy healing, works with the subtle energy bodies of the human energy field surrounding and interpenetrating the physical body.

These subtle bodies of energy make up your aura and represent your unique personal electromagnetic signature. The vibrational frequency of spiritual energy, such as LaHo-Chi, can be used to access and activate the “energetic blueprint” or Light Body for energetic restructuring, alignment, and balancing on multiple levels simultaneously. LaHo-Chi energy works like a master key of higher consciousness energy which assists opening our energy channels to full-spectrum light, expanded awareness, and experience of our subtle energy bodies. According to Kremer, activating the Light Body may be experienced as opening to “communication from Light Beings, Angelic Orders, Ascended Masters, and guides through the Language of Light or cosmic alphabet: higher dimensions and frequencies of light, color, sacred geometry, glyphs, symbols, and pictographs,” and many other forms of communication of Light.

Cellular Enlightenment

The multidimensional and transformative nature of spiritual energy healing approaches, such as LaHo-Chi, are aptly summarized by Amorah Quan Yin in her book, The Pleiadian Workbook: Awakening Your Divine Ka. She explains how enlightenment can occur at a cellular level with the use of spiritual energy healing: “during this full-body, cellular DNA restructuring and enlightenment process, also referred to as an ascension process, the goal is not to leave your body and transcend the physical; the goal is to transcend your belief in fear of the limitations of the physical plane. You accomplish this by spiritually descending onto matter fully for the purpose of clearing lower-frequency energies such as repressed emotions, belief systems, judgments, control, and other contracted energies that are the source of limitation in the third dimension.

As this is done, you make way for your Higher Self to completely blend with you, as did the Christ, Quan Yin, Buddha and other beings of enlightened consciousness. This results in full-chakra, cellular enlightenment or ascension instead of escape. In other words, we are each ultimately responsible for our integrity, evolution, spiritual enlightenment, and ascension. To become our I AM Selves, we must first master ourselves. Christ, Mother Mary, Buddha, Quan Yin and many other Ascended Masters have achieved self-mastery while in human form, and thus have shown us the way.”

 Touch and Become Light

Many enlightened beings and ascended masters used hands-on healing, among many other healing modalities, as part of their ascension process to show humankind a model of unconditional love through the simple and profound act of touch. This act of love provides a direct channel for transcending the illusion of the ego and to embrace each other’s Light essence. Through this ancient healing art, we can enter into a magnified experiential awareness and appreciation of the Light Body Activation process already occurring within humanity.

We are stepping through interdimensional doorways of energy and finding ourselves being reawakened to the ‘deja vu’ of our ancient healing ancestry, yet with vague and veiled memories of this knowledge and past experience. Our bodies are like holographic libraries of energy and information within the University of All That Is. Being that we are all part of the whole, we are also connected to the Universal Life-Force Internet. Your Light phone is ringing, answer the call. You’ve got e-mail (energy mail), pick-up your messages. Turn on, tune in, connect with Source, and expand yourself into a higher consciousness of Light!

The Healing Energy of LaHo-Chi

by Dan Watson, Ph.D.

 This article was first published
in the Fall/Winter 2000-2001 issue of
The Art of Well Being


Aura photo of Rio after receiving 20 minutes of LaHo-Chi from Dan at the Whole Life Expo in Los Angeles, CA in 1992.

In the last 30 years, the ancient art of laying-on-of-hands healing has been gaining recognition as a powerful and effective, yet gentle and nurturing form of healing and energetic balancing. The resurgence of this timeless healing art through the work of modern-day pioneering healers and healthcare practitioners such as Dolores Kreiger, Therapeutic Touch, and Barbara Brennan, Hands of Light, has helped bring needed attention to the numerous beneficial uses of spiritual hands-on energy healing as an effective form of integrative healthcare and self-care.

The early medical texts of China, Egypt, India, and nearly every ancient civilization has described the human body as having an energy field or life-force that interacts and is affected by the influences of the external forces of our physical world and the internal energies of thoughts, feelings, and emotions. The modern term for the basis of these ancient models has been referred to as “energy medicine.” The model of energy medicine states that everything within the universe has a particular energetic vibration that ranges from dense matter to pure light, and that all things are interconnected through the vast ocean of energy contained within the universe.

The act of hands-on healing is probably humankind’s oldest and most instinctive form of healing. The instinct to nurture through touch is most evident in a mother’s maternal response to rescue and protect her baby from harm and to provide comfort. This instinct resides in everyone and will manifest to the degree to which it is nurtured and given validation within the familial, social, and occupational environments. In other words, all human beings have within them the ability to develop the nurturing and healing gift of their personal electromagnetic energy field through learning and using hands-on energy healing.

 Spiritual energy healing, such as LaHo-Chi, may be used to access and to significantly activate a holistic process of healing within the etheric “blueprint” (Gerber, 1988) of the human energy field (Brennan, 1987). The human energy field may be described as an individual’s unique energetic totality represented as a “personal electromagnetic signature” (Leonard, 1997). Although the knowledge and practice of spiritual energy healing dates back to ancient cultures (Brennan, 1993; Bruyere, 1989), modern science has yet to develop instruments that are sensitive and complex enough to truly measure the subtle energy dynamics associated with spiritual energy healing. What can be measured are the outcome effects in terms of physical, behavioral, and psychological manifestations associated with spiritual energy treatments.

As a complement to medical and psychological treatment, spiritual energy healing can be especially useful for healing emotional traumas held within the body, as the energies of emotional and psychological traumas often manifest or somaticize within the body. From this perspective, spiritual energy healing also appears to have a transformative effect on consciousness and may significantly reduce the amount of time needed to gain insight into emotional and psychological issues associated with illness (Benor, 1994).

The method of healing presented in this article is known as LaHo-Chi. LaHo-Chi (pronounced lah hoe chee) is a spiritual energetic laying-on-of-hands healing method that is reported to have originated from ancient China and was brought forth by oral transmission on May 15, 1991, in Santa Monica, California, through a Western spiritual teacher named Satchamar, a long term disciple of the holy man Sathya Sai Baba of India. LaHo-Chi energy may be used in the form of hands-on, remote, and/or self-healing to facilitate a state of deep “full body meditation.” Other forms of spiritual energy healing, such as Reiki, share many similarities in their approach and yet each has a unique frequency or vibrational energy. LaHo-Chi is a powerful, yet gentle, form of energy balancing and healing wherein the body’s own natural healing abilities are activated and nurtured. LaHo-Chi facilitates gentle energetic release of cellular memory and deep healing of physical, emotional, and psychological issues, traumas, and accumulated stress from an individual’s life experiences. These inevitable stresses accumulate over time and can significantly affect the health and well-being of the individual.

In a typical LaHo-Chi healing session, the person is resting, fully clothed with a sheet and/or blanket on a massage table and pillows that provides full-body support and comfort. Ideally, the environment is peaceful and confidential with soothing music in the background. The practitioner uses five or six specific stationary hand positions, moving only to change positions and the full healing session may last up to 75 minutes. This ideal setting is sometimes difficult to achieve in institutional environments, such as hospitals, and must be tailored to fit the individual’s circumstances. As with everyday life situations, the healing may be done lying down, sitting, standing, or by remote, depending upon the circumstances of the moment.

The LaHo-Chi is an energy healing modality that can also be used as a method of self-healing for transforming everyday stressors and creating a balance between the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual energy levels within the human energy field of the individual. When used as an adjunctive and/or conjunctive treatment with other healing systems, LaHo-Chi facilitates deep states of rest and relaxation that are beneficial and supportive to the treatment being used. In addition, the integration of spiritual energy with other forms of treatment and healing modalities provides a synergistic effect that enhances the body’s natural healing mechanisms.

Over the past nine years, with more than 100 certified LaHo-Chi practitioners among 10 states in North America and in Germany and Austria, the LaHo-Chi energy healing system has been effectively integrated by various healthcare practitioners using modalities, for example, such as: Polarity, Reiki, Shen, Acupuncture, Massage, Physical Therapy, Chiropractic, and in the fields of Nursing, Pediatric Nursing, Chemical Dependency, Hospice, Social Work, and Psychological Counseling. The actual number of people using some form of spiritual energy healing in their everyday lives, either applied hands-on or remotely, such as distant healing or prayer, is much larger than most people may be aware of. The reason for this is perhaps due to an innate desire within everyone to connect more deeply with self and others. All that is required is some instruction and practice which has become more available and accessible to the public on an ever-expanding global scale.


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