Answering the Call

~ by Beloved Heartsong

So often we go to battle with ourselves- our minds, hearts, bodies and Spirit odds with each other. Each aspect of Self seems to be trying to manipulate and win the others over, talking us into things or holding us back, or seeking answers from others when we can’t seem to get clear within ourselves. We all know this dynamic. The good news is…Uncertainty can be guidance, too.

Sounds strange, I know, but the lack of clarity often signals a time of needing to wait and be patient and let life unfold and flow. Forcing isn’t flow. Grasping isn’t flow. Fear isn’t flow. Patient observation and the honoring of what wants to move and what wants to wait within brings the awareness and discernment of right timing. Your body and heart optimally work together – no need to struggle. If we aren’t sure, we aren’t sure. That’s really an OK place to be- but it feels unsettling and out of control for many people. Being comfortable with the uncertainty is a cocoon that offers a necessary period of gestation. The birthing of our ideas and next steps in growth will awaken and grow in divine timing and order.

Sometimes, we just don’t give ourselves permission to leap into what we desire.

Sometimes our fears and past programming tell us we aren’t deserving or that we are selfish. Yet, how many of us have been taught to believe that our hearts, feelings, self love and responsibility to our own life path are not only important, but a top priority and are to be honored? Usually, we are taught the “shoulds” of life…. I once had a friend who used to say, “Don’t should on me!” I like that- I like it a lot- because, shoulds are burdens we need not carry. They ride in the same cart as guilt and being trained to be “nice”. Why isn’t being true and authentic with ourselves and each other more desirable?

Whoever we choose to be and become, we can honor the inner flow and knowing that sets us on the course of discovery with ease and Grace that develops the fullness of our Spirit. Right use of will – being true to ourselves- the God within, creates the universal support and providence that blesses and lifts All. I encourage you to remember to be a blessing unto yourself and become your own Beloved.